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2025 Toyota 4Runner: What’s New in Features and Trim Configurations?

The Toyota 4Runner is back for 2025, sporting fresh features and a range of trim configurations to fuel your wanderlust. Renowned for its rugged capability and go-anywhere spirit, the new 4Runner promises to combine that adventurous DNA with modern features and a touch of luxury. Not surprisingly, expectations are high for this one; let’s see …
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The Toyota 4Runner is back for 2025, sporting fresh features and a range of trim configurations to fuel your wanderlust. Renowned for its rugged capability and go-anywhere spirit, the new 4Runner promises to combine that adventurous DNA with modern features and a touch of luxury. Not surprisingly, expectations are high for this one; let’s see what it has to offer. 

Trim Levels: Base Model


The 4Runner’s base model equips users with qualities that meet only basic needs without overwhelming them with unnecessary complexities. This trim focuses on reliability and durability and ensures consistent performance over time.

Trim Levels: SR5


The SR5’s design elements cater to various lifestyles and preferences and are known for practicality and resourcefulness. Its upgraded upholstery, modernized infotainment systems, and additional storage options ensure comfortability. It can tackle diverse terrains and is fully equipped with rugged styling cues and enhanced utility accessories.This trim’s exterior reflects the car’s capability and readiness for adventures.

Trim Levels: Limited

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Carefully crafted with meticulous attention, the Limited offers premium materials like supple leather upholstery and finely crafted wood accents. Beyond its styling, it integrates advanced technology seamlessly into the driving experience. Owners can stay informed, entertained, and connected with modernized infotainment accessories, intuitive controls, and state-of-the-art connectivity accessories.

Trim Levels: Off-Road


The Off-Road trim guarantees stability and control with its enhanced suspension system that guarantees a smooth ride. Reinforced skid plates guard vital components underneath the vehicle so users can confidently traverse rocky paths and uneven surfaces. Furthermore, this modification offers specialized driving modes crafted to maximize performance.

Trim Levels: TRD Pro


The TRD Pro trim level, equipped with top-of-the-line components like Fox shocks, all-terrain tires, and a precision-engineered TRD-tuned suspension, ensures safety in rugged terrains. It has a distinctive aesthetic appeal, sporting rugged exterior accents, bold badging, and unique styling cues. Suitable for cruising city streets, the Pro trim’s commanding presence is impossible to ignore.

Trim Levels: Engine Options


4Runner’s engine lineup highlights Toyota’s commitment to versatility and customization. The Engine Options bear a robust V6 engine, delivering sufficient power, top acceleration, and towing capabilities. However, beyond the standard V6, drivers can select from a range of powertrains tailored to their preferences. They can also prioritize fuel efficiency, haulage, or off-road prowess.

Features: Transmission


The 2025 Toyota 4Runner’s transmission system seamlessly transitions between gears, enabling smooth acceleration and deceleration. This efficiency sets a new standard for automotive excellence with its advanced technology and refined mechanics. Also, the automatic transmission complements the car’s sleek body and luxurious amenities, creating a harmonious fusion of form and function.

Features: Interior Comfort


Offering comfort that exceeds spaciousness, the 4Runner features soft-touch surfaces and premium upholstery, enriching the overall ambiance. Every ride in the 4Runner is an experience of luxury so that occupants arrive at their destination feeling refreshed. Besides, the ample cargo space in the 4Runner provides versatility for various lifestyles, and the well-planned layout simplifies luggage organization.

Features: Infotainment System

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As part of its advanced features, the 2025 Toyota 4Runner provides the latest infotainment systems, representing a convergence of technology and convenience. With intuitive touchscreen interfaces, owners can navigate various functionalities, like music and climate controls. This user-friendly element promotes safety by minimizing distractions and meets the expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Features: Safety Features


With adaptive cruise control, the vehicle can automatically change its speed to keep a safe distance from the car ahead. Additionally, lane departure warning systems alert drivers if the vehicle begins to drift. The 4Runner’s automatic emergency braking system detects imminent collisions and can apply the brakes if the driver does not respond in time.

Features: Towing Capability


The 4Runner’s towing capability sets it apart as a versatile SUV and allows users to pursue outdoor activities. When towing heavy loads, the vehicle’s stable frame and suspension system provide stability and control. Additionally, the powerful engine delivers ample torque, enabling the car to handle steep inclines and challenging terrain without breaking a sweat.

Features: Exterior Design


Every external design element is specifically optimized to convey a sense of strength and purpose. The 2025’s bold lines command attention, guiding the eye along its sleek contours, while the aggressive styling hints at the vehicle’s capabilities on and off the road. Aerodynamic enhancements improve efficiency and reduce wind noise.

Features: LED Lighting


Unlike halogen bulbs, LEDs offer superior illumination, significantly improving nighttime visibility. They ensure a broader coverage area by reducing blind spots and illuminating the road edges. Moreover, their instant on-off feature enhances signal effectiveness, giving other drivers more time to react to the 4Runner’s movements. And to crown it all, LED lights are more energy efficient.

Features: Roof Rack


Adding a roof rack to the 4Runner boosts its practicality and amplifies its adventurous spirit. The rack provides added space to securely transport luggage, freeing up interior space for passengers or other essentials. Furthermore, the sturdy construction ensures stability even on rough terrain, giving you the confidence to explore rough paths.

Features: Driver Assistance


This technology includes blindspot monitoring, which helps users detect vehicles in their blind spots. It also provides rear cross-traffic alert systems that warn drivers of approaching vehicles when reversing out of parking spaces. Additionally, parking sensors equipped with ultrasonic or radar technology assist drivers in maneuvering into tight spaces by providing proximity alerts.