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It’s the final countdown for the FJ Cruiser, as Toyota has declared the end for the iconic off-roader worldwide. The auto giant phased out the FJ Cruiser in America in 2014 and in Japan in 2017 with a Final Edition model. Now consumers in the Middle East have their farewell. Here are five 2023 Toyota FJ Cruiser Final Edition features that make this SUV the rarest of all.

1. The 2023 FJ Cruiser Final Edition returns to beige

Toyota FJ Cruiser Final Edition (shown: 2008 SEMA Toyota FJ Cruiser Special Edition concept)
The 2023 Final Edition has a beige paint scheme like this 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Special Edition concept | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Some FJ Cruiser models wear bright colors like yellow and blue, along with a white roof, but that’s not the case for the 2023 Final Edition. This unique model sports a beige exterior color called Sandstorm. FJX2000 Productions speculates this earth tone is a reference to the dunes of Saudi Arabia, where enthusiasts often drive their FJ Cruisers. Also, the iconic white roof is gone, as this model is monochromatic. 

The interior is also beige. The door accents, seat upholstery, and gauge cluster trim are all the same color. However, the bumper, grille, door handles, and mirror trim are black.

2. Toyota’s FJ Cruiser Final Edition is ready to crawl

The 2023 Final Edition is equipped with Toyota’s A-TRAC system, rear electronic locking differential, and Toyota’s trademarked Crawl Control (aka CRAWL). Crawl Control with off-road turn assist is ideal for driving in low four-wheel drive. 

Toyota says Crawl Control automatically modulates the throttle and brakes on five low-speed settings. It also allows for a tighter turn radius. That helps when going on trails or off-road because it controls acceleration and braking so the driver can focus on steering. Japan’s 2017 FJ Cruiser Final Edition did not offer those features.

3. Smaller wheels for off-roading

The 2017 Final Edition featured 20-inch wheels, but the Middle East’s 2023 version is going classic. It has 17-inch seven-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. That size is better suited to off-roading, allowing drivers to equip their FJ Cruiser with tires with more sidewall that can be aired down, FJX2000 Productions explains. 

4. Toyota will make only a thousand 2023 FJ Cruiser Final Edition models

Blue and white 2006 Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV
2006 Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV | Toyota

The 2023 Final Edition will be the rarest of the rare. Toyota will reportedly make only 1,000 examples. 

The automaker is taking it a step further by giving each unit special badging. The 2023 Final Edition will bear a silver numbered dashboard badge and a matching silver-painted gas tank cover showing the model’s number in the production run. The 2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition in the United States and the 2017 Final Edition in Japan also got special badging, but they didn’t show the model’s production number.

So, what does this special badge look like? Let’s say you purchased an FJ Cruiser that was 12th off the line. In this case, the badge would read, “FJ Cruiser Final Edition 0012/1000.” No other model will have that badge, and FJX2000 Productions claims these badges are the rarest FJ Cruiser parts of all time.

5. The 2023 FJ Cruiser Final Edition got a price hike

With all those cool features, it’s only natural that Toyota would hike the price, especially because the 2023 Final Edition is the last FJ Cruiser to hit the Middle Eastern market. But it won’t be astronomical for such a rare model: It’ll cost around $48,000. That’s nearly $6,000 more than the standard package, FJX2000 Productions notes. 

When these SUVs hit the used market, they’ll likely cost much more than the retail price. Toyota is halting production on all FJ Cruisers, including those in South Africa, which will likely increase the price and value even more. For those lucky enough to get one, you might want to hang on to it because it will probably become a collector’s item.


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