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The brand-new Ford Bronco Sport boasts a long list of rugged features. That’s because this compact SUV is aimed directly at drivers who desire to leave the pavement for off-road adventures. And with its distinctly rectangular profile, the Ford Bronco Sport has landed on a list of the best boxy cars. Here’s why this exciting SUV is a box worth buying.

The best boxy cars of 2021

U.S. News recently placed the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport on its list “The 14 Best Boxy Cars for 2021.” Vehicles need only a few qualifying characteristics to appear on this list. Primarily, they must have “flat roofs and rectangular profiles.” But U.S. News also uses vehicles’ overall scores based on safety data and expert reviews.

Because this data this fluid, it’s important not to judge a vehicle too harshly for placing last on the list. And that’s where the Ford Bronco Sport has landed, 14th on a list of 14 boxy cars. But U.S. News placed the Bronco Sport last because of its lack of an overall score — this SUV is so new that safety ratings and reliability data are unavailable.

The Bronco Sport shares space on the list with other boxy vehicles, mostly SUVs and crossovers. They include the Jeep Wrangler, Subaru Forester, and Kia Soul. The Volkswagen Golf slips in as the sole car. And the Lincoln Navigator takes the top spot.

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport at a glance

U.S. News calls the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport “a great pick” for consumers wanting a small SUV with “genuine off-road credentials.” Let’s not forget the new Bronco’s namesake, the original Ford Bronco. (But it’s OK to forget the late-’80s Ford Bronco II.)

So far, the newest Ford Bronco appears to resurrect the off-road prowess of its predecessors and, in some areas, surpasses them using new technology designed to flatten the learning curve for newer off-road drivers. The 2021 Bronco Sport earned a 9/10 critics’ rating from U. S. News and a respectable 7.4/10 in performance. However, the interior scored only 6.7/10.

Critics enjoyed the Ford Bronco Sport’s ability to tackle tough terrain with its standard all-wheel drivetrain, off-road suspension, and skid plate protection. On the pavement, reviewers liked the Bronco Sport’s comfortable ride, user-friendly infotainment system, and advanced safety features. The Bronco Sport’s available turbocharged engine provided sufficient power for on-pavement and off-road driving.

Though the testers praised the Ford Bronco Sport for its cargo space, they deducted points for its small backseat, utilitarian cabin materials, and average fuel economy.

The Ford Bronco Sport makes boxy work

Boxy vehicles like the Ford Bronco Sport have advantages and disadvantages. The drawbacks range from cosmetic to real-world aerodynamic issues, including wind buffeting and reduced fuel economy. But these shortcomings are limited on a small SUV such as the Bronco Sport and are quickly outweighed by the advantages.

The first plus to a boxy body is the increase in the interior room by pushing the corners up and back. This interior space has to be divided between cargo space and passenger seating. Ford‘s engineers maximized the Bronco Sport’s cargo space at the expense of some rear-seat comfort. This increased cargo space allows two bicycles to stand up inside using the proper accessories and still have room for all the gear needed for all-day fun.

Another advantage to the Bronco Sport’s flat roof design is carrying gear atop the vehicle. Consumers can choose to adorn their roofs with luggage racks, surfboards, kayaks, roof-top tents, or racks for even more bicycles.

Drivers who desire to roam the backroads and trails of our nation in comfort, safety, and style owe it to themselves to consider the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport.


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