2020 Honda Africa Twin: is There Anywhere it CAN’T Go?

The 2020 Honda Africa twin officially released on March 5 in India. The new model boasts a more robust engine and a few new features. This adventure bike is ready for action. Honda Africa Twin has amazing overland and off-roading capabilities. Stemming from the Enduro Concept in 2017, the new Africa Twin was not created for the faint of heart.

The 2020 Honda Africa Twin maintains its identity as the ultimate adventure bike. It can go pretty much anywhere on Earth with a skilled enough rider, and enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to see this new motorcycle in action. In fact, many have been looking forward to this day since Honda first released the launch date.

New specs

The 2020 Honda Africa twin has a bigger 1084cc parallel-twin engine. It’s perfect for creating power and torque of 102hp and 105 Nm, respectively. This means the 2020 model will pack more punch than ever before. But that’s not the only reason Africa Twin fans are getting excited about this two-wheeled beast.

It’s also 13.2 lbs lighter. That means it should handle with a little more ease. The 2020 Honda Africa Twin has an upgraded seat and Apple CarPlay on an awesome new display screen. The screen, behind a windshield with added protection, can even be adjusted depending on rider height. The 2020 Honda Africa Twin easily rivals other adventure bikes like the Triumph Tiger 900, the Ducati Multistrada 950, and the BMW F850GS Adventure.

How much will it cost?

2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin
2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin | Honda

The 2020 Honda Africa Twin is expected to blow us away. There are three different levels of the new model. What are they and how much do they cost? The model options for the 2020 release are as follows: Africa Twin offered at $14,399, Africa Twin DCT offered at $15,199, and the Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES and ES DCT offered at $17,199.

In particular, the 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports model is rigged to take on the world. Tubeless tires and a bigger fuel tank (by nearly 100 miles) are just some of the upgrades on this bike. Designed to be driven far and wide by the most skilled adventurer, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports 2020 model is an advanced machine. Yet, it’s so user-friendly that it will tote a less experienced rider over some pretty rugged terrain, too.

What makes this Twin so versatile?

The upgraded features include lean-sensitive traction control, as well as cornering ABS, plus wheelie control. This bike is one of the most capable motorcycles on Earth. The 2020 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports model has several drive settings. There is an Off-Road mode in addition to Tour, Urban, and Gravel modes. There are even two User modes that allow individual customization. You can set up your Twin to go wherever you go. 

The larger fuel tank gives riders access to travel further off the beaten path. The new engine upgrades give a little more oomph for climbing elevation or navigating rougher terrain. A lighter chassis makes this Africa Twin more maneuverable. It is one of the only motorcycles out there with adaptive headlights that follow a turn. All of these additions and design tweaks mean the Honda Africa Twin is one of the best Adventure bikes released to date.

Is there anywhere it can’t go?

The 2020 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports bike adjusts depending on where the rider wants to take it. Whether you are driving it to work through a crowded city street or climbing a mountain in the backcountry, the new Twin is your perfect partner.

All of that said, there is actually one place the Twin can’t go — underwater. The 2020 Honda Africa Twin is perfectly capable of managing riverbeds or beaches. It can climb mountains. It’s insanely fast for its class. But, Honda hasn’t released an amphibious version of the Africa Twin… yet.