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If you’re shopping for the best midsize sedan, you’ve undoubtedly seen the 2022 Honda Accord. The Honda Accord is one of the best-selling midsize sedans year after year, with its reliability and list of standard features keeping it popular. However, you may not realize that the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid came in a close second to its non-hybrid stablemate in Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Midsize Cars of 2022 and 2023” rankings as the best midsize hybrid car. 

The 2022 Honda Accord is the best midsize car

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) ranks the 2022 Honda Accord at the top of the 2022/2023 midsize car segment based on fuel economy, tech features, value, and driving performance. Reviewers gave the 2022 Accord high marks for its roomy interior, resale value, reputation for reliability, list of standard safety features, and fuel economy rating. Honda’s stance of withholding the best tech for the Accord’s premium trims and the lack of an all-wheel drive option are the two cons listed by KBB. 

The base model 2022 Honda Accord LX starts at $25,470, plus destination charges, The price increases by about $2,000 for each model up the ladder until reaching the top wrung, where the price jumps by $5,000 or more for the Touring 2.0T, which could cost over $43,000 after adding some popular options. At these prices, the 2022 Honda Accord is the most expensive midsize sedan in its class but to paraphrase KBB, you pay for what you get, and the Accord is still a great value. 

The 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid is a fuel-efficient Honda model

How does the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid stack up to the competition? KBB says, “We named the regular, non-hybrid Accord a best-buy among midsize sedans, and we include the Accord Hybrid in this accolade. It’s the prime example of its kind.” 

That’s pretty high praise considering KBB is one of the most respected sources for determining automobile values. 

The list of “Pros” on the KBB Accord Hybrid review sounds similar to the non-hybrid Accord, with terms like “superb midsize sedan,” “spacious cabin,” “excellent fuel economy,” and its long list of standard safety features leading the list. But, again, the lack of an all-wheel drive option is the only negative on the reviewers’ “Cons” list. 

The base 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid starts at $26,670 plus destination charges, with the Accord Hybrid Sport listed at around $30,000 and the EX-L model at less than $33,000. The top model is the Accord Hybrid Touring, with a price starting at $36,540 and climbing to over $41,000 after adding most of the available factory options.

Which is better, the Honda Accord Hybrid or the Accord non-hybrid?

A red 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid parked
2022 Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda

The main objective differences between the Honda Accord Hybrid and the non-hybrid Accord are price and fuel economy. However, some of the non-hybrid Accord’s optional features come standard on the higher-priced Hybrid. 

Starting price for the non-hybrid Accord is about $1,200 less than the Hybrid. Today’s national average regular unleaded gasoline price is about $3.77 per gallon, so it takes saving about 320 gallons of gasoline to make up the price difference. With the Hybrid’s 47 mpg combined rating compared to the non-hybrid’s 33 mpg, it would take driving the Accord Hybrid just over 35,000 miles to recoup the cost at today’s national average gasoline price. 

Some of the tech that comes standard on the Accord Hybrid but is either optional or not available on the non-hybrid Accord includes:

  • Driver Attention Assist Monitor
  • Side View Cameras
  • Top View Camera
  • Remote Engine Start
  • Internet Access
  • Proximity Sensing Keyless Entry

While either Accord is a great value, owners that plan on keeping their Accord Hybrid for a few years will enjoy the dividends of lower fuel costs. The lower fuel costs could completely offset the higher payment caused by financing the additional $1,200, especially for those with longer commutes. 


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