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15 Cars That Will Become Future Classics

Although many dream of buying a future classic, only some cars will stand the test of time. Those who do must have something special about them; for instance, they may have the speed, looks, or power. These 15 vehicles have the most potential to move from sleek rides to expensive vintage classics within two or …
Norbert Schnitzler/Wikimedia

Although many dream of buying a future classic, only some cars will stand the test of time. Those who do must have something special about them; for instance, they may have the speed, looks, or power. These 15 vehicles have the most potential to move from sleek rides to expensive vintage classics within two or three decades.

Audi TT RS

Alexandre Prévot/Wikimedia

The manufacturers who sculpted the TT RS gave it an aggressive exterior that instantly sets it apart. You can’t find a car with a combination of the signature single-frame Audi grille and muscular wheel arches. Besides its Quattro all-wheel drive system, this sporty coupe has a turbocharged 2.5L five-cylinder engine beast under its hood that pumps out 394 HP.

Ford Bronco (6th Generation)


After a 25-year pause, the iconic Ford Bronco returned to the scene in 2021 as a mid-sized SUV. This four-wheel-drive vehicle maintains its off-road heritage while offering newer features. You can buy a two-door or four-door Bronco. You can also choose a 2.3L turbocharged EcoBoost 4-cylinder, a 2.7L EcoBoost V6, or the monstrous 3.0L EcoBoost V6 for more speed.

Chevrolet Corvette (C8)

Mohammed Hamad/Wikimedia

The Chevrolet Corvette has always represented American automotive power and performance. However, Chevy threw out the rulebook for the C8 generation they introduced in 2019. This unusual change produced an elite supercar with a DOHC V8 engine that delivers 490 HP. Likewise, it has an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission for smooth and responsive gear.

Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat/Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk


The world of high-performance SUVs is a battleground, and these two American titans will always stand out. The Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat machine uses a 6.2L V8 engine, producing over 700 HP. On the other hand, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has an upgraded suspension and all-wheel drive that allows you to dominate the roughest terrains and the highway. 

Ferrari 360 Spider

Nick Ares/Wikimedia

The Ferrari 360 Spider, a drop-top dream machine, roared onto the automobile scene in 1999. This convertible has a sleek, Pininfarina-designed body with a powerful 3.6L V8 engine. The engineers, mechanics, and car enthusiasts who called it a masterpiece at the time were right. What else do you call a car that zooms from 0-60 mph within 4.3 seconds?

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor


Although America’s best-selling truck is known for its power, the SVT Raptor has turned the F-150 into an off-road monster thanks to a long travel suspension. Depending on the model year, it comes with either a 3.5L V6 or a High-Output 3.5L EcoBoost V6. In addition, this car has advanced off-road tech, such as a surround-view camera system and Trail Turn Assist for maneuvering tight corners.

Dodge Viper (5th Generation)

Mohammed Hamad/Wikimedia

Dodge released this sports car in 2013, marking the final chapter in the legend’s history. They created a beauty and a beast using lightweight aluminum construction and rear-wheel drive. It has optional features like a premium sound system plus heated and ventilated seats with a touch of luxury. This 5th Generation Viper is an American muscle car packing an 8.4L aluminum V10 engine that delivers 640 HP.

Land Rover Defender (New Generation)


After staying away for a while, Land Rover reintroduced this iconic off-roader in 2020, completely redesigned for a modern world. The new Defender has a rugged aluminum body and a capable four-wheel-drive system with various drive modes to ride on treacherous terrain, including rocky trails and dunes.

Honda Civic Type R

Alexander Migl/Wikimedia

This model is for people who want a car they can use for their daily commute and a speedster for racing during the weekend. The spacious cabin comfortably seats five, and the hatchback design has enough cargo space for groceries or weekend gear. Compared to most sports cars in its category, Honda sells the Type R at an affordable price. 

Hyundai Veloster N

The Wikipeadian guy/Wikimedia

This supercar is nicknamed the “Corner Rascal” for its well-tuned suspension and limited-slip differential that makes it zoom past corners. It has an optional eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that’ll give you an over-boost if you’re looking for some adrenaline rush. This lightweight hatchback is ideal for those who want a vehicle that looks as good as it performs.

Jeep Gladiator


We finally have a mid-size pickup truck with the Jeep vibe, thanks to the standard four-wheel drive and skid plates. Unlike traditional pickups, the Gladiator has a removable soft top and detachable doors. However, it has four doors with comfortable seating for five and enough space for gear. This competent hauler also has an outstanding towing capacity and an impressive payload.

Pontiac Solstice Coupe


The Solstice Coupe was introduced in 2009, just before GM Wilmington’s bankruptcy ended Hummer, Saturn, and Pontiac. Thankfully, the brands went out in style with this sleek two-door machine fitted with a removable targa top. Collectors predict that the price of this classic rear-wheel-drive will rise in the future because the company only made 1,266 units.

Ford Mustang (S550)

Mohammed Hamad/Wikimedia

When Ford released this sixth-generation model in 2014, they decided to break away from the usual retro look of their past designs. They gave the Shelby GT350 and GT500 variants a fancier look and added taillights so they wouldn’t completely bury the Mustang’s legacy. They added modern features like a user-friendly infotainment system with SYNC 3 connectivity and optional drive modes.

GR Toyota Supra (A90)


In 2019, Toyota partnered with BMW to develop this 5th generation Supra, the direct successor of the A80, which they produced seventeen years ago. It paints an ideal picture of what to expect when you blend the elegant design of a Japanese sports car with modern German engineering! The drive modes allow you to choose Comfort when you want to cruise around town or Track when you’ve decided to step on the gas a little longer.

Acura NSX

Ank Kumar/Wikimedia

Forget bulky V8s or V10s. The NSX has a unique hybrid powertrain lets you confidently push the car to its limits. Its 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine works with three electric motors to release over 600 HP. This two-seat supercar has a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system that distributes power between the front wheels (powered by the electric motors) and the rear wheels (powered by the V6 engine).