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15 Amazing Used Motorcycles That Cost Less than $5000

So, you want to buy a used motorbike and think you can’t afford a good one? Luckily, the used market hides a treasure of incredible machines just waiting for your $5,000 budget. We’re talking reliable rides with surprising power, classic styles that never go out of fashion, and features that allow you to cruise comfortably. …
Ank Kumar/Wikimedia

So, you want to buy a used motorbike and think you can’t afford a good one? Luckily, the used market hides a treasure of incredible machines just waiting for your $5,000 budget. We’re talking reliable rides with surprising power, classic styles that never go out of fashion, and features that allow you to cruise comfortably. Read to learn about 15 excellent bikes that won’t break the bank.

Yamaha YZF-R1 – From $3500


Even in the used market, the Yamaha YZF-R1 punches above its weight, offering a true supersport experience at a surprisingly affordable price. A screaming 4-cylinder engine cranks out over 150 horsepower, propelling you forward with exhilarating acceleration. The R1 boasts top-shelf suspension and brakes, giving you the confidence to explore the bike’s limits safely.

Honda CBR650F – From $4000


The Honda CBR650F’s 4-cylinder engine delivers around 90 horsepower. This power is matched by a relaxing riding position suitable for cruising the highway and carving up canyons. The bike offers bulletproof reliability and low maintenance costs, making it an excellent choice for new riders or those seeking a dependable daily commuter. 

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 – From $3000


This is an American icon wrapped in two wheels. Its air-cooled 48- 48-horsepower V-twin engine churns out a distinct rumble and offers a comfortable riding position with a low seat height. Harleys are known for their laid-back cruising style and unmistakable sound, although vibration can be intense at higher speeds.

BMW R 1200 GS – From $3900


The GS is renowned for its comfortable ergonomics, long-distance capabilities, and off-road prowess. The 100-horsepower 2-cylinder engine and electronically adjustable suspension make it a versatile bike for exploring the world. However, the large size can be intimidating for new bikers. Additionally, BMWs are known for being more expensive to maintain compared to Japanese motorcycles.

Benelli TNT 135 –  From $2800

Reg Mckenna/Wikimedia

Made in China, the Benelli TNT 135 features a single-cylinder engine with 13 horsepower. Its weight and low center of gravity make it perfect for zipping around town or navigating tight city streets. This is a budget-friendly option for everyday transportation thanks to its fuel efficiency.

Kawasaki Ninja 400 –  From $3500

LNAM Haoi/Wikimedia

New riders and those looking for a sporty yet manageable bike will be satisfied with the Ninja 400. The 2-cylinder engine packs 40 horsepower, offering enough thrill for beginners while remaining controllable. Moreover, it features an aggressive sportbike style with a comfortable riding position that’s more upright than some race-replica motorcycles.

Ducati Scrambler  – From $5000

Dennis Bratland/Wikimedia

This stylish head-turner boasts a classic look with a retro vibe. Its low seat height makes it suitable for people of all sizes. Don’t be fooled by the vintage aesthetics, though. The Scrambler packs a modern punch, thanks to the 2-cylinder engine that delivers 75 horsepower.

Suzuki SV650 – From $4500

Jakub Wrutniak/Wikimedia

The 2017 Suzuki SV650 is a middleweight motorcycle that perfectly balances sportbike excitement and touring comfort. Its 2-cylinder engine delivers 70 horsepower in a comfortable riding position with upright handlebars that reduce fatigue on longer rides. Wind protection and luggage options make it great for weekend getaways or commuting. 

Yamaha V Star 250 – From $3500


It is a lightweight cruiser famous for its 23-hp single-cylinder engine. Its relaxed riding position inspires confidence in shorter bikers. However, with minimal features, it’s best suited for casual cruising and not ideal for long distances or highway travel with strong winds. 

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 – From $4900


This retro motorcycle was once the undisputed king of speed, with a monstrous 4-cylinder engine that pumps over 140 horsepower. Experienced bikers and collectors who appreciate motorcycling history will be amazed by its brutal power. Yet, the 1990 Ninja ZX-11 is a handful to control and requires a very experienced rider.

Triumph Street Triple 675 – From $3500


If you’re seeking a fun and stylish motorcycle, the British Triumph Street Triple 675 won’t disappoint you. Possessing a unique 3-cylinder engine that delivers 106 horsepower, this bike is carving up canyons or weaving through city traffic. Nevertheless, some might find the 3-cylinder engine slightly buzzy at higher RPMs than a traditional 4-cylinder.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 – From $3500


This simple and elegant motorcycle delivers 20 horsepower for a laid-back cruising experience. The low seat height and upright position make it perfect for riders of all sizes who enjoy soaking up the scenery. While some might find the power lacking, the Classic 350 makes up for its iconic design, legendary reliability, and low maintenance costs.

KTM 200 Duke – From $3500


Explore the city streets with the single-cylinder KTM 200 Duke. The 25 horsepower, sharp handling, and aggressive ergonomics make it a blast to flick around corners. Fuel efficiency is another strong point, making it a budget-friendly option for everyday transportation. However, the lightweight chassis and minimal wind protection limit its highway capabilities.

Triumph Bonneville – From $3200


Retro lovers can enjoy this classic-looking motorcycle with its timeless design. It boasts a fuel-injected 2-cylinder engine with 65 horsepower, blending classic aesthetics with modern performance with standard features like ABS. The Bonneville is perfect for cruising and exploring backroads. However, some might find the power underwhelming for highway travel.

Honda Grom – From $2500


This pint-sized machine boasts a small but fuel-efficient single-cylinder engine with only 9.7 horsepower. Yet, the Grom is perfect for new and shorter bike lovers thanks to its low seat height and lightweight chassis. Its automatic clutch makes it incredibly easy to master, and its playful handling makes it an excellent city motorcycle.