10 Things We Don’t Hate About Minivans

Within the exterior of the classic minivan, there is a functional interior. Sometimes a minivan is all utility. They can also come in a trim that’s a bit fancy. Either way, there’s a range of options on the market.

The minivan gets a bad reputation, but there is plenty not to hate about this classic family vehicle. In fact, here are 10 things we don’t hate about minivans.

1. The space

Most minivans have room to spare. They can fit eight passengers with a bench second row or seven with captain seats. The mighty minivan can tow the kids and their friends, too. In addition to seats, the family van can accommodate all their gear. There is no denying that the classic minivan has ample room for the whole family.

2. They are incredibly user friendly

Modern minivans have pull-down television screens, or screens mounted to the backs of the seat in front of them. They have adaptable sound systems and user-friendly infotainment systems. They have hatches revealing secret storage space. Minivans are designed to be user friendly with their sliding doors and features that come at the touch of a button.

3. Safe as they come

The classic minivan is well-known for its safety. Being designed and marketed as a family car means getting the entire family from one place to another as safely as possible.

They are not too big, and not too small. Modern safety-systems come in all different ways for the minivan. Whether you are driving alone or taking half the team to a game, if you’re driving a minivan you can generally rest assured that the vehicle has a high safety rating.

4. There are cupholders everywhere

Among the many benefits a minivan has to offer, the bounty of cupholders is absolutely worth mentioning. There are cupholders that just pull out of hidden compartments –– cupholders for everyone in the cabin and more.

These cupholders come in handy for keeping tons of objects from rolling about, too, not just drinks. Life can get crazy and an extra cupholder or two can be helpful in the most unexpected ways.

5. Decent mpg, all things considered

2020 Toyota Sienna
2020 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

Large enough to fit seven or eight people and their things, the average minivan totes a heavy load. They navigate city streets and highway commutes.

Taking all of that into consideration, 25 or more highway mpg is great. There is even a hybrid that gets 32 mpg on the highway. Compare that to a full-size SUV, which can get mileage as low as 14 mpg.

6. Reliability

Minivans are reliable. With regular maintenance, you can reasonably expect your minivan not to spend a lot of time in the shop. They also have financially feasible parts that are easy to source, in case they do require some more major work.

Minivans have a reputation for handling repairs well and lasting a long time.

7. Longevity

A lot of families hang on to their long-lasting minivans for years. They rack up the mileage and keep going. It’s not uncommon for a minivan to last so long that the small children it once carted around take a turn at driving that same van as teens.

8. The options are many

There is a decent line up of choices that offer a spectrum of perks. From all-wheel-drive beast mode minivans to the ultra-practical models that offer a built-in vacuum, there are a plethora of options. Even the prices have a wide range.

Honda Odyssey offers trim levels that include a vacuum called HondaVAC.

9. They keep a low profile

One thing you won’t do in your minivan is stand out. The minivan is great for keeping a low profile and blending in. If you don’t want a vehicle that catches eyes and gets attention, the minivan may be just what you are looking for.

10. They’re more than meets the eye

There is more to the minivan than that minivan appearance. They an increasingly competitive vehicle in the industry, and offer so many incredible features and options.

Even if driving one isn’t your cup of tea, it is hard not to like this tried and true family vehicle and give it deserved credit as a versatile and reliable machine that takes care of its passengers. Minivan owners across America probably share the sentiment that their minivans are worth their weight in gold.