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Everyone always talks about the most popular SUVs and cars, but what happens on the other end of the sales spectrum? Checking out the SUV sales data from Q3 2023 so far, there are a few models that have under 100 units sold for the year. One lone discontinued Toyota model sold last month, and two Audi models moved less than 10 units a piece.

Notable SUVs with shockingly low sales in Q3 2023

This Toyota C-HR has low SUV sales numbers for Q3 2023
A 2022 Toyota C-HR | Toyota

SUV sales data can show us how popular some models are, but it can also show us which ones are moving in the other direction. There are hundreds of vehicles on the market in any given segment, but American drivers love SUVs and trucks. You wouldn’t know that by looking at some of these SUV sales numbers in Q3 2023, though. According to sales data on GoodCarBadCar, the Toyota C-HR sold a single unit last month. During the same time in 2022, Toyota moved 308 C-HR units. That is a 99.68% decrease from one year to another and down 92.48% year to date. Toyota discontinued the subcompact SUV already, so there had to be one sitting on a lot somewhere that needed to be sold.

Make & ModelLast Month 2023Last Month 2022Change YOY
Toyota C-HR1308-99.68%
Audi e-Tron Sportback3207-98.55%
Audi eTron5533-99.06%
Mazda CX-9123,264-99.63%
BMW X212246-95.12%
Hyundai Nexo1627-40.74%
Jaguar I-Pace2234-35.29%
Jaguar E-Pace2820+40.00%
Fiat 500x4859-18.64%
Rivian EDV 5006700.00%
2023 U.S SUV sales figures

Following Toyota’s extra small SUV with low sales, the Audi e-Tron Sportback sold three units last month. The Audi eTron wasn’t far behind with five sales. Compared to the same month in 2022, the Sportback is down 98.55%, and the regular eTron is down 99.06%. Some might even disagree that the Audi e-Tron Sportback is an SUV, but Audi calls it an all-electric coupé SUV (whatever that means). Either way, both Audi SUVs are still good options, just not high-volume models.

Underrated SUVs worth your consideration

The Mazda CX-9 SUV in the forest
A Mazda CX-9 SUV | Mazda

For instance, the Mazda CX-9 has low SUV sales numbers, but for good reason. Mazda’s three-row SUV has been a popular model for many years, selling 23,469 units in 2022. The CX-9 was discontinued after this year but already has 17,440 sales racked up. Mazda replaced the CX-90 with the upscale 2024 CX-90; you can read our original review here. The last few models are heading home to shoppers, with 12 sold last month alone.

The BMW X2 is another model that only sold 12 units last month, making 176 in 2023 so far. BMW only sold 2,311 units last year, a swift 92.38% decrease. The X2 is another coupe SUV that didn’t catch on, but BMW is re-launching it in 2024. Even with a redesign, the future of the 2024 BMW X2 is murky.

The Hyundai Nexo actually sold more units than the X2 last month, coming in at 16 SUV sales. Hyundai’s Nexo SUV is a hydrogen-powered SUV with a range of about 380 miles. You can’t really drive a hydrogen-powered vehicle under regular circumstances, but we will still call this underrated and worth your consideration. These folks must be near a hydrogen station in California.

SUVs to watch out for in 2024

This Rivian van is selling like hotcakes
The Rivian EDV | Rivian

One exciting addition that might not be an SUV sale, per se, is the Rivian EDV 500. Rivian’s EDV is the Electric Delivery Van that Amazon uses for deliveries. The 500 is one of the smaller vans you have probably seen on the road already. Even though Rivian only sold 67 units last month, that’s 67 more than it did during the same time in 2022. So far this year, Rivian sold 360 EDV 500 vehicles.

These are some of the lowest SUV sales of 2023, but it isn’t due to a glaring issue on the part of the automakers. Toyota’s C-HR is still on the market elsewhere; the Audi has plenty of other SUVs to choose from. Even though the Mazda CX-9 has been a great addition to the lineup, the CX-90 is a worthy replacement. Will BMW’s revamp of the X2 impact sales later this year? There are only a few months of 2023 left, and Q4 is well underway. We will keep an eye on these SUV sales to see if anything significant changes between now and the end of the year.