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The rear 3/4 view of a dark-blue 2022 Zero S in a garage

Zero’s S, DS, and DSR Get a 2022 Jolt and a Supermoto Sibling

Having sold out of the 2021 production run of its three most popular models--the naked S and the dual-sport DS and DSR--Zero Motorcycles is launching the updated 2022 models early. And it's also introducing a new electric supermoto, the FXE, to its lineup.

As the electric motorcycle world expands, the current players are evolving to keep pace. And that includes one of the biggest names in two-wheeled EVs, Zero Motorcycles. For one, it’s partnering with Polaris to make an electric Ranger side-by-side. Plus, it’s upgrading its current batch of electric bikes. But that doesn’t just mean updating existing bikes like the Zero S, DS, and DSR. It also means a new addition to the Zero Motorcycles lineup: the FXE.

The electric 2022 Zero S, DS, and DSR are launching earlier than usual

The rear 3/4 view of a dark-blue 2022 Zero S in a garage
2022 Zero S rear 3/4 view | Zero Motorcycles
Spec2022 Zero S ZF7.2Zero DS ZF7.2Zero DSR ZF14.4
MotorZ-Force 75-5 permanent-magnetZ-Force 75-5 permanent-magnetZ-Force 75-7R permanent-magnet
Power46 hp46 hp70 hp
Torque78 lb-ft78 lb-ft116 lb-ft
Usable battery capacity6.3 kWh6.3 kWh12.6 kWh (standard)
15.8 kWh (with Power Tank)
Claimed city range89 miles89 miles163 miles (standard)
204 miles (with Power Tank)
Front suspension and travelFully-adjustable Showa inverted cartridge forks; 6.25”Fully-adjustable Showa inverted cartridge forks; 7”Fully-adjustable Showa inverted cartridge forks; 7”
Rear suspension and travelFully-adjustable Showa piggy-back reservoir mono-shock; 6.35”Fully-adjustable Showa piggy-back reservoir mono-shock; 7.03”Fully-adjustable Showa piggy-back reservoir mono-shock; 7.03”
Seat height31.8″33.2″33.2″
Curb weight313 lbs317 lbs419 lbs (standard)
463 lbs (with Power Tank)
Starting price$11,195$11,195$15,695 (standard)
$18,590 (with Power Tank)

Zero Motorcycles’ first official product was the naked S back in 2010. And even a decade of improvements and models later, it’s still one of Zero’s most popular products, RideApart reports. The dual-sport DS and DSR also rank high on the popularity ladder.

These electric motorcycles are so popular that Zero claims it’s sold out of its 2021 production run, Jalopnik says. So, it’s launching the updated 2022 models slightly ahead of schedule.

No extra performance, but the 2022 Zero S, DS, and DSR do get some new tech

2022 Zero Motorcycles' 5" TFT display
2022 Zero Motorcycles’ TFT display | Zero Motorcycles

At first glance, the 2022 Zero S, DS, and DSR don’t seem any different than their 2021 incarnations. And in terms of their motors, battery packs, suspension, and ergonomics, that’s true. However, while their specs haven’t changed, Zero did upgrade its most popular electric motorcycles’ tech.

One upgrade is easy to spot: the new standard full-color 5” TFT display. The other upgrade, though, is under the skin. Zero gave the 2022 S, DS, and DSR the same Cypher II operating system as the latest SR/F. It’s Zero’s proprietary OS, and it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. That way, owners can monitor and adjust their bikes’ settings via a dedicated smartphone app. The customization options include regenerative braking levels, power and torque output, and even max speed.

Zero’s electric motorcycle lineup grows by one: the FXE supermoto

Spec2022 Zero FXE ZF7.2
MotorZ-Force 75-5 permanent-magnet
Power46 hp
Torque78 lb-ft
Usable battery capacity6.3 kWh
Claimed city range100 miles
Front suspension and travelFully-adjustable Showa inverted cartridge forks; 7”
Rear suspension and travelFully-adjustable Showa piggy-back reservoir mono-shock; 8.94”
Seat height32.9″
Curb weight298 lbs
Starting price$11,795

Besides updating the S, DS, and DSR for the 2022 model year, Zero also recently launched a new model: the FXE. While the company already has several dual-sport bikes, including the FX, the FXE is technically more of a supermoto, Cycle World explains. So, while it has off-road-friendly dimensions, suspension travel, and a front mudguard, it’s more of an urban commuter than a dirt bike. Note, for instance, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires, rather than knobby mud tires.

Besides having the same powertrain as the S and the DS, the Zero FXE also uses the same carbon belt drive. And it has the same ABS-equipped J. Juan disc brakes, Cypher II OS, and TFT display as the 2022 models. Also, the FXE’s seat height, wheelbase, trail, and rake fall in-between those of the S and DS.

That ‘in-between’ status also applies to the Zero FXE as a whole. It has more suspension travel and range than the Zero S but doesn’t have the DS’s off-road tires. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad electric motorcycle by any means, though. It offers “a grin-inducing blend of instant acceleration, flickability, and easy steering,” Cycle World says. It’s just that, while they have similar specs, the FXE is subtly different than the S and DS.

When can you buy these electric bikes?

A black-and-gold 2022 Zero DSR in a garage
2022 Zero DSR | Zero Motorcycles

The 2022 Zero S, DS, and DSR electric motorcycles are all now available to order from your local dealer. And by now, so should Zero’s new supermoto. Because of their similarities, picking between the cheaper three bikes will likely require some test rides. Though considering how quickly the 2021 models sold, you may want to schedule those rides sooner rather than later.

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