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Will these YouTubers do anything for clicks? Apparently so, as this latest life-threatening stunt shows. What saved the YouTuber’s life, and possibly the lives of travelers on the 101 Freeway, was the Highway Patrol. When the officer saw traffic backed up, they thought it was from a stalled car. 

But it wasn’t. It was a guy on a go-kart, traveling maybe 10 mph. “He then saw the little go-kart driving in the slow lane at Woodman Ave., surrounded to the front and back by two cars that were clearly escorting the kart. CHP Seargent Geraty pulled everyone over on Woodman Ave.,” Fox 11 in Los Angeles reported. 

Yes, we have the YouTube video

The West Valley California Highway Patrol Facebook page succinctly wrote, “Where do we begin with how incredibly dangerous, stupid and illegal this was… by a group of young self-described “YouTubers” looking for fresh content.” 

KABC-TV in Los Angeles, reports that this happened back in October, on the portion of the 101 Freeway in Sherman Oaks. The three cars actually provided screening for the kart from 70 MPH traffic. The Highway Patrol just posted the footage online last week. 

Yes, they were filming this for “content.” Everyone was cited for unlawful operation and impeding drivers. One of the drivers was also cited for operating a vehicle without a license because he was a minor. Having one of your escorts driving without having a license shows the level of intelligence involved in this caper. 

A go-kart on the 101 Freeway could have ended far worse

Go-Kart on LA Freeway
Go-Kart on LA Freeway | YouTube

Sadly, this is but one of many examples of the attraction for the absurd to get views. While it could be said that doing this on private property would be their own business, subjecting LA drivers to something this dangerous should have warranted more than a couple of citations, really. 

This took place around 2:30 AM, so at least the freeway traffic was light. But that also means it was dark, impeding visibility. Especially since the kart obviously had no headlights. Also no windshield wipers, windshield, horn, blinkers, etc. Basically, an undrivable conveyance that technically can be driven. 

Monetizing unfunny is probably worth far more than the citations

Go-Kart on LA Freeway
Go-Kart on LA Freeway | YouTube

Illegal Things You Didn’t Realize You Were Doing to Your Car

Whatever the cost of the citations will be, it will probably be a cheap price to pay for the number of views this stunt can monetize. That’s why some jail time would have surely soured similar ideas of glory. But hey, we’re just spitballing here.

Part of the fun and hilarity in seeing dumb stuff happen is that in most cases they’re bloopers. They were unintended falls or trips, and that is what makes them fodder for the blooper reels. These YouTubers are trying to manufacture funny stunts, which really aren’t very funny.