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Everyone knows pickups are some of the most versatile vehicles. You can haul a trailer or fill the bed. Trucks can carry groceries, motorcycles, or tons of camping gear. But you can use your truck bed for a lot more than just hauling stuff. Here are some alternative purposes for your pickup truck that you can easily do yourself.

A truck hammock

Ever wish you had a hammock but just couldn’t find the right spot to hang it? With a pickup, you don’t need perfectly spaced trees. Just hang a wide hammock — the kind with a wood bar on the ends — along the length of your truck bed, or follow the Glamp Guru’s tutorial. You’ll be rocking gently in the breeze in no time.

DIY pickup camper

You don’t need to spend thousands for a camper shell that takes four guys to set up and take down. Anyone can DIY a personalized pickup camper. Pitch a truck bed tent, build a custom cabinet for personal items, and fit a foam pad for sleeping. A single truck bed can become an efficiency camp for one person or an elevated sleeping spot for more.

Hayride sans a horse

In the fall, hayrides are a big part of local festivities. Kids get a kick out of piling into a hay-filled wagon and bumping along a rural track. Short on horses? Fill your truck bed with hay and load up the little ones. Pickups are a perfect stand-in.

Truck bed kitchen or workshop

One of the coolest things you can do with the bed is to build custom cabinetry. You can create roll-out or fold-out cabinets, cubbies, and racks that hold all sorts of things. Rock your camping trips with an awesome fold-out kitchen. Or use the same carpentry tricks to build a convenient fold-out workshop with a tool chest and work table.

Tailgate lounge

This time-honored tradition involves filling your truck bed with coolers, driving to a parking lot or field, and setting up a barbecue. But you don’t need to settle for sitting on the open tailgate. You can turn your truck bed into an entire lounge. Add a couch, a big-screen, and maybe even a grill right in the back.

Pickup pool

Want to soak up the sun? Kids begging for a trip to the pool? Just want to be the coolest at the tailgate? Then try the pickup pool. Use a tarp or a custom truck bed pool liner and fill it up. Your truck bed is not only bigger than a kiddie pool, but you’re also less likely to feel grass and rocks through the bottom of the liner.

Mega cooler

Finally, because it all comes back to tailgating, you can also fill your entire truck bed with ice. Use the same pool liner and dump a few dozen pounds of ice into the truck bed. Then, you can store several cases of beer, soda, and condiments. When the ice melts? You’re right back to a truck bed pool for afternoon soaking and water fights.