Your Neighbor’s Loud Car Wakes You Up? See What This Neighbor Did

It has happened to us all and though we’re car enthusiasts it still isn’t a welcome intro to the new day. Your neighbor’s loud Belchmobile billowing, shaking windows and rattling closet doors. On track day or at the drag strip it would be a common refrain. But at 5:30 on a Tuesday morning, you hate it. Maybe the exhaust fumes from cold start wafts throughout your house from an open window? What can you do? Well, as it becomes apparent there is something you can do. On Facebook Aaron Robinson posted an image of what one crafty neighbor did, along with a personal, hand-written message. When your neighbor’s loud car wakes you up, maybe what this neighbor did is the solution? Or, maybe not.

Someone shot expandable foam into the exhaust pipes

Mustang exhaust pipes with expandable foam showing

The image Robinson posted is of the exhaust of his Mustang. Can you see what’s going on here? Someone shot expandable foam into the exhaust pipes. Besides that a letter from an angry neighbor explained the problem, solution, and future course of action.

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The letter reads, “I finally found you! You want our attention, you don’t want our attention. You have 14 days to fix the mufflers or put the stock [exhaust] back on.” It continues, “Don’t egg us on, you will only regret it. We encourage you to call the police [or] install video [cameras], nothing will work.” Cryptically it ends with, “Fix your muffler!”

Concise, troubling, and to the point, don’t you agree? It devolves from here. On his Facebook page Robinson suggested, “I hope someone gets COVID and dies a slow and painful death over this.” Ugh! Not the most acceptable response to the desperate act of an unwanted early morning wakeup call.

Something ironic is afoot here

Hand written note to loud Mustang owner by angry neighbor

Karma is always the inevitable result of Karmic disruptions. Suggesting someone die a painful death is not the proper response. Not that we condone vandalizing anyone’s property. But something ironic is afoot here.

Robinson owns a couple of Mustangs. The later one is equipped with a factory “Quiet Exhaust Mode” for just such circumstances. The performance exhaust system can be switched over to a quieter exhaust note. This mode makes the system 10 decibels quieter. 

Ford called this option the “Good Neighbor Mode.” It seems that maybe this has happened before, and to a Ford engineer specifically. As it happens, it did. Ford said the impetus of this option came when Ford engineer Steve von Foerster was driving his Shelby GT350 in his neighborhood. He was soon pulled over by the police. The police explained a neighbor called in to complain about the loud exhaust coming from von Foerster’s Mustang.

Can you relate with the neighbor or the Mustang owner?

White 2019 Mustang with blue competition stripes

So what do you think? Can you relate with the neighbor or the Mustang owner? Especially if the Mustang dude has the option of switching to the Good Neighbor Mode, does he need to take in the majesty of his Coyote motor’s rumble at 6 AM? 

Or are the actions of this rather disturbing neighbor grounds for vandalism?