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Taking the open road in a diesel motorhome can actually prove more efficient than an RV model with a gasoline engine. However, sometimes motorhome adventurers get stuck with some tough RV problems. In fact, this RV fuel hose recall may affect your Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc. diesel motorhome. 

Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc. Alegro Bus diesel motorhome driving at speed on the open road
2022 Allegro Bus diesel motorhome | Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc.

Which Tiffin motorhomes are affected by the RV fuel hose recall? 

According to RV Travel, Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc issued a recall for Tiffin models that are equipped with a “certain Cummins L9 diesel” engine. Which models are affected? If you own a 2021-2022 Allegro Bus or Phaeton motorhome, you may want to look into this recall a little deeper. 

For certain models, this Cummins L9 diesel engine may give owners some problems with their diesel motorhomes. Namely, 2021-2022 Allegro Bus and Phaeton models, according to this particular RV fuel hose recall. A fuel leak is possible between the fuel pump and the remote filter head. 

According to the NHTSA, a fuel leak in combination with a near-enough ignition source increases the risk of fire and potential injury. If your Tiffin brand RV has this issue, contact your RV dealer. If you own one of these models you likely want to ensure that your particular unit is not affected by the recall. Here are some actions owners can take. 

What to do if you think your Cummins L9 diesel engine unit is affected

The red cummins diesel logo with a smart phone also displaying the logo in black and white
Cummins logo is on display | Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

By September 6, 2021, owner notification letters should be mailed to their respective owners. In addition, if you own a 2021-2022 Allegro Bus or Phaeton motorhome you may contact Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc. customer service. The number to reach customer service is 1-256-356-8661. For reference, the specific recall number is TIF-117. 

Plus, concerned owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline. They can reach this hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153). Typically, those involved can handle RV recalls of this nature simply. However, it can cost owners some time and effort. That said, it’s worth it in order to get the Cummins L9 diesel engine operating smoothly again.

How will dealers amend the RV fuel hose recall issues?

A Tiffin Phaeton diesel motorhome RV model driving on mountain roads.
2022 Phaeton motorhome | Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc.

This recall may sound alarming at first glance. However, swift action on the part of both the company, dealerships, and owners will help fix the problem. In fact, if this RV fuel hose recall affects your unit, dealers will replace fuel hoses in these diesel motorhome models at no additional cost. 

While issues like these can be frustrating, owners will be back in the business of safe RV adventure after the necessary steps are taken. However, addressing recalls is an important part of owning any vehicle, RVs included. And, while it may be a hassle to bring your unit in, the benefit of peace of mind generally outweighs the cost in time. 

In addition, it’s important to note that recalls are common and this doesn’t necessarily mean that these RV models aren’t compelling. Buying and owning an RV is an adventure all in itself. The potential for a recall is always there for any vehicle. Owners should stay on top of any suggested maintenance. Additionally, if they remain aware of notifications concerning their particular unit, the fun times should continue to roll steady.


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