Your Bronco, Wrangler, or Defender Is an Epic Off-Road RV

If you buy a new Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, or––yes––even a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon there’s a chance you plan to take it off-road. But what if you could change it into a full-time off-road RV camper? Turns out you can. Thanks to this Germany conversion design company, GehoCab, you can turn your overlanding 4×4 SUV into a full-time RV camper. But why?

They are ridiculously expensive. Car and Driver writes that this conversion starts for $124,000. And––get this––you have to cut your precious 4×4 at the C-pillar to mount this RV shell. So it’s permanent. You essentially can’t go back.

“Choosing the Fiete would give you pretty much the most capable and maneuverable off-roading RV one could ask for. That said, chopping your brand-new, presumably-still-under-warranty SUV’s body off at the C-pillar for full-time RV duty is certainly a commitment.”

Car and Driver
A black, two-door 2021 Ford Bronco with tube doors on a dirt road can be seen from above.
2021 Ford Bronco Two-Door Trail Rig. Designed to be the ultimate hardcore trail rider. | Ford Motor Company

A pop-up roof tent is basically just as good

It offers a place to sleep, it will easily pop up for use, and a roof tent doesn’t compromise your entire vehicle. A roof tent can be mounted to a rack on top of your vehicle. No Ford Bronco surgery needed for a roof tent. You won’t end up with a carbon fiber off-road RV camper that costs as much as a house and leaves you missing the brand new Bronco you waited for.

Bronco Sport with roof top camping
Camping in a Ford Bronco Sport | Ford-6

There are plenty of amenities available to make things easy while camping and overlanding in your vehicle. Like the camp toilet in the video below. Plus, there are even solar-powered portable showers. You may not need that expensive off-road RV camper conversion after all.

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There are so many options for camping in comfort that doing a big-time conversion for you Land Rover Defender seems silly. They are already off-road capable and ready for camping. Even more so if you invest a little more for some equipment to help keep you comfortable when you head off the grid for a couple of days. Those GehoCabs are undeniably awesome, but they feel like a bit overkill––but maybe that’s just me.

Your Bronco, Wrangler, or Defender is already an RV––if you have the right perspective

What I’m getting at is that yes, carbon fiber RV campers are cool. They are fun to look at, even dream about. However, the dream might be better than reality. How could you possibly not miss your 4×4 SUV at some point? What are you supposed to do? Buy one and convert it into a six-figure rig and then buy another Wrangler or Defender when you start to miss that new 4×4 SUV you converted? The permanence of these camper shells is their biggest downside.

The Land Rover Defender climbing over rocks shows itself as a great alternative to an RV camper
Land Rover Defender 110

If you really love camping, off-roading, and going off-grid that much, a good 4×4 SUV is all the RV you really need. You can use all that money you saved not doing a $124,000 off-road RV-camper conversion on portable amenities to make life on the road easier and more fun. Or maybe you could spend the cash on a family trip to Germany for a tour of some GehoCab shells. Maybe then you’ll see why people are doing these permanent off-road RV camper conversions.