You’ll Want This Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Camper Van

If you’re going to do an off-road camping tour of Iceland, this is the camper van to do it in. Once you see this Mercedes camper van you’re going to want it. Unless overland travel in a camper van or RV just totally isn’t your thing. In the video below, we get a full tour of a specially custom-built Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon camper van.

It’s fully equipped for off-grid living, river fording, and generally just an amazing camping experience in general. This Mercedes camper van is not for the faint of heart, however. To create this custom build, a brand new 2017 Mercedes-Benz g350d professional G-Wagon had to be cut into pieces. in fact, the entire back end has to be cut off, the wheelbase extended, and the suspension upgraded.

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Custom built G-Wagon camper van

The professionals at Off-Road Center in Germany performed the build. A carbon cabin was placed over the chassis and built on to form the tough outer shell of this Mercedes camper van. You might think at first that it’s a shame to tear apart such a pricey and prestigious vehicle. However, as soon as you experience the tour it’s easy to see why someone who could afford to do so would.

an overland camper van build all starts with a G-wagon like this one proving its off-road prowess in the sand
It all started with a G-Wagon | Mercedes-Benz

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In order to ensure that the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon camper van manages river fords and extreme off-road obstacles, the electronics were moved up. In addition, a snorkel increases confidence in this van’s off-road capability. This machine can handle rivers, snow, and basically any extreme weather mother nature can throw at it.

Home away from home

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon camper in the video is truly a home away from home. The kitchen is unique in that it doesn’t require any gas or fuel for cooking. Unlike most other Mercedes camper vans, this one uses two electric powered induction burners on its cooktop.

Additionally, the video shows that there is a massive amount of food storage in this camper van kitchen. If you’re headed out into the wild, it’s got plenty of room to stock up on groceries. Plus, there is an 80 liter water tank.

For the bathroom there is a tucked away port-a-potty in a cabinet. If you want to take a shower, it takes about a half hour to heat up the shower water while driving. However, once it’s warm a hot outdoor shower is easily set up in a few easy steps.

Two sweet sleeping options

For sleeping, there are two awesome options. For nights when it gets windy and you want to have the pop tent down, there is a fold-out bed in the cabin. When the weather is nice, there is an awesome sleeping space on the roof of the cabin inside the pop tent. The hard ceiling can be moved up and down depending on whether you need the headspace or need it dropped for bedtime.

The most practical Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

The custom built camper van is equipped with tools. There are also 2 solar panels on the roof. Plus, the 180 amp hour battery can charge while the vehicle is driving.

There is a winch, ropes, straps, hoses––really anything you may need. The Mercedes camper van built over a G-Wagon is ready for anything an overland trip might throw at you. It may not be cheap, but in terms of an off-road Mercedes camper van, it is prepared and practical.