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In order to see how far a company has come, you must look to its past. As Ford prepares to release its first all-electric engine truck as well as bring back the popular Ford Bronco, it only makes sense to see how well Ford has done in the past. In fact, in 2017, the number of trucks Ford sold every day may shock you. Auto Week compiled the data, so let’s take a look.

F-Series trucks sold per day in 2017

In 2017, Ford sold 2,452 F-Series trucks a day, according to Auto Week. What’s the big deal? Compared to the competitions’ numbers, it’s a huge deal. GM’s Silverado and Sierra sold 1,935 trucks. That’s 517 less than Ford sold.

This may not seem like a huge gap, but then you consider that the F-150 base model sold for $27,110. Those 517 extra truck sales earned Ford $14,015,870. Again, this is only for the base model. The data doesn’t state the trim — and the F-150’s top trim model sold for $63,625 — so the number could be much higher. (Ram fell behind both Ford and GM by selling only 1,647 trucks.)

Breaking it down even further, Auto Week reports, “Ford sells 102 trucks per hour, meaning an average of nearly two people are driving off the lot with a new F-150 every minute in the U.S., 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” In comparison, GM sold 59 Silverados per hour. Ram actually outpaces GM by selling 69 trucks every hour. That’s one truck every minute. 

So how is Ford doing these days? Has its popularity waned?

Ford’s 2018 truck sales

According to Ford Authority, the automaker didn’t perform as well in 2018, but the numbers were still impressive. Ford ended 2017 by selling 2,475,556 vehicles. In 2018, it sold 2,393,731. The Motley Fool reports that sales were down 3.5%. That’s not a huge drop, so it wasn’t a sign of bad times for Ford.

In regard to the F-150, the Motley Fool explained, “U.S. sales of Ford’s F-Series pickups, its most important driver of profits, were up 1.4% in 2018 to 909,330 trucks sold. Better yet, F-Series transaction prices hit an all-time high.”

Regardless, Ford’s F-Series remained the best-selling truck in the U.S., continuing its 42-year streak. So why did Ford’s sales fall in 2018? Apparently the sedans didn’t sell as well as the SUVs and trucks. 

Ford’s 2019 truck sales

Are things looking up in 2019? In September 2018, Ford had sold 1,812,345 vehicles. In 2019, they’ve sold 1,741,987 so far. This includes all the vehicles Ford sold — not just the F-Series. 

So how did the F-Series stack up? According to Ford Authority, in September 2018, Ford sold 679,018 trucks. In September 2019, Ford sold 662,574. While some people may think the F-Series is losing popularity, this is not actually the case. 

According to U.S. News, “The Ford F-150 not only topped the full-size pickup truck segment in sales in 2018, but the entire F-Series lineup was the best-selling set of vehicles in any class in the United States. It has maintained its top spot so far into 2019.” Clearly, Ford knows how to make a great truck.

Ford looks to the future

Ford recently stated that it’s releasing its first all-electric F-150, which can tow one million pounds. We don’t have a lot of details yet, but with the push to move away from gas-powered engines, many consumers may hold off on buying until Ford releases the all-electric F-150.