You’ll Never Guess How Many Cars the World’s Biggest Car Wash Washes Every Day

While living in the “land of the free,” we forget just how free we really are. We have the freedom of speech, freedom to vote, and, most importantly, we have the freedom to wash our cars at home. Those who reside in Germany, in contrast, aren’t allowed to wash their cars at home, which is why super car washes like Mr. Wash in Stuttgart, Germany exist. But we bet you can’t guess how many cars that Mr. Wash goes through in one day.

Mr. Wash is like the “fast food” joint of car washes

Have you ever gotten your car cleaned at a full-service car wash where they put your car on a conveyor belt to put it through the wash and then dry it thoroughly? That’s pretty much how Mr. Wash works, although you would have to multiply the number of employees working and the cars going through it almost exponentially. According to Nu Look, the average American car wash washes around 20,000 cars annually, but Mr. Wash washes around 500,000 every year.

According to a documentary on Mr. Wash, the super car wash site washes 4,000 cars per day and about 400 cars an hour. They do it all, too, from basic washes to full-on hand wax jobs. It’s almost hard to believe that one site can provide such services in a short amount of time, but Mr. Wash has every step of the way bolted down to ensure an expedient delivery every time, kind of like a fast-food joint.

Mr. Wash Car Wash in Stuttgart, Germany
Mr. Wash Car Wash in Stuttgart, Germany | Wikimedia Commons

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How does Mr. Wash go through so many cars in one day?

Mr. Wash uses a very intricate conveyor belt system that incorporates over 100 employees and a variety of robots that work at almost lightning speed at each station to provide a top-notch car wash every time. And while you might scoff at the idea of putting your car through an assembly line of a car wash, you’ll be glad to know that the level of attention to detail is as good as gets for such a large operation, which is the reason it can attract so many customers every day.

According to the documentary, it only takes about three minutes for a car to go through the car wash and eight minutes for the interior of a car to get cleaned. If you want a full wax and polish, that usually only takes around 15 minutes from start to finish. It’s an impressive operation, but what’s more impressive are the prices.

A look into the entry way to Mr. Wash in Stuttgart, Germany | Instagram

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For the cheapest wash, it costs 8 euros, but like all car washes, the employees will do their best to upsell customers to the higher package, which includes an interior detail and wax job, for 40 euros. Considering the short amount of time it takes to get the job done, that’s a pretty good deal.

It’s a very detailed car wash

There’s a lot more that goes into this super car wash, especially since they not only wash cars at that location, but they also have a complete gas station and provide oil changes and basic maintenance for cars. If you want to see all of the ins and outs of what it’s like to run a giant car wash like Mr. Wash, be sure to check out the documentary posted above.