You Won’t Be Able to Buy a New Ford F-150

We’ve already seen empty shelves at the supermarket. But what about empty Ford lots? Parts shortage is here and we are about to see the effects. If things keep going as they are, you won’t be able to buy that new F-150 you wanted. Or any F-Series Ford truck, for that matter.

The 2021 Ford F-150 will debut, but will there be enough of them to meet consumer demand? Production of this beloved auto segment has become an issue. There aren’t enough parts to keep up with the assembly lines, and factories can’t keep up with continuing online orders.

Demand for the F-series will probably never fall flat. It is America’s most loved, most bought vehicle. And now, because of this massive disruption, times are coming that may see a gap in supply for that undying demand. You won’t be able to buy one because there might not be any to buy.

No more Ford truck seats

Workers being sent home from work at automobile assembly plants is old news in the wake of the coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic. But being sent home because there isn’t an adequate amount of parts to assemble enough trucks in a shift is pretty much unheard of. Until now.

2020 Ford F-150
2020 Ford F-150 | Ford

A little over a week ago, second shift employees at the Rouge Complex in Dearborn were sent home from work. Apparently, there were not enough seats to keep up with the Ford F-150 assembly line. According to Detroit Free Press, “Ford is the only Detroit Three automaker that has confirmed assembly line shutdowns related to the pandemic since resuming production.”

F-150 shortage: dealers are running out of trucks

“We have back orders on everything,” said Sam Pack, president and CEO of Pack Auto Group based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Detroit Free Press reported. Pack was also quoted by DFP saying “we will run out of F-150s at the pace we’re running now if, in fact, production doesn’t keep pace. We usually sell about 300 a month.”

A Ford F-150 going through the assembly line
A Ford F-150 model | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

By his calculations, we are looking at a huge shortage in F-150s within the nest 60 to 90 days. The most sold truck in America might earn a new and unexpected status as one of the rarest. If production doesn’t roll smoothly over the next few months, this fall could see many disappointed consumers unable to get behind the wheel of the truck they want.

“You can go from having too much F-150 to not enough in two weeks.”

Chad Wilson | general manager of Wilson Ford in Saginaw and Midland Ford

Other models in short supply

In this article by DFP, several different dealers around the country discuss the vehicle supply shortage. Not only F-150s are in danger of becoming difficult to come by. SUVs like the Ford Explorer, Ford Escape, and Chevy Blazer supplies are also becoming increasingly low.

Automobile assembly plants are adding extra shifts and outsourcing parts in new areas (like Mexico) in an attempt to meet demand. As orders are made and vehicles are shipped, dealer’s run low in terms of what they have in stock. And though the orders have been made to restock lots, there may not be enough to meet demand.

silver Super Duty Ford truck in the dirt
2020 F-series Super Duty

Booming internet sales

This worry that supply will indeed not be enough to meet demand is largely due to “rocking” sales. We’ve seen the production shut down, we’ve seen a halt of in-person sales, sure. But we haven’t seen a complete sales halt. Internet sales have steamed forward in spite of the economic state. There well may be an F-150 shortage. So, what’s going to happen?

“We’re watching kind of a control-alt-delete effect on the entire automotive system. The power cord got pulled and it’s like a computer that has to start all over again. The supply system, production, distribution — all these things have to be reset.”

Karl Brauer, executive editor of Kelley Blue Book

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