You Shouldn’t Ignore These Used Hybrids That Cost Under $20,000

Electric and hybrid vehicles are much more popular than they were a few decades ago. Drivers love these cars because of the excellent fuel efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and the dependability they provide. However, it’s no secret that hybrid cars usually have expensive price tags.

If you want a reliable hybrid car, there are still plenty of good options on the used market. Kelley Blue Book recently put together a list of the best used hybrids you can buy for under $20,000. Here are some of our favorites from that list.

The 2017 Kia Niro

The Niro is a newcomer to Kia’s lineup, but it’s already proven to be a popular choice for hybrid shoppers. It’s a hybrid model with a four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. This system gives the Niro an excellent fuel economy rating of 50 mpg combined. It can go for 595 miles with just one full tank.

Despite its low horsepower, the hybrid engine system is reasonably peppy. It also has a comfortable interior, but some critics felt that cargo space was subpar. It also had a lot of technology for its class when it was released. Standard features include smartphone integration, Bluetooth, satellite radio, and a USB port.

The 2017 Nissan Leaf

This car was one of the first hybrid cars introduced, and it’s still popular among consumers today. Its nimble handling and whisper-quiet cabin provide a pleasant driving experience for each passenger. Despite its small size, its seats are also quite spacious.

The Leaf is a fully electric car, powered by a 107-hp electric motor and a 30 kWh battery. This battery gives drivers up to 107 miles of range and takes seven hours to fully recharge. Its fuel economy rating is an outstanding 112 MPGe combined.

The 2018 Toyota Prius

The Prius has one of the best reputations among all hybrid cars. It consistently gets both great reliability ratings and high owner satisfaction scores from Consumer Reports. For 2018, the Prius got an available 11.6-inch touchscreen is some higher trims. However, none of these models come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

It’s still great on gas, with a total range of 588 miles and a fuel economy rating of 52 mpg combined. Transitioning from gas to electric power is seamless and the ride quality is comfortable overall. However, some drivers found passing cars on the highway to be a bit of a challenge for the Prius.

The 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Camry has been dominating the midsize car market for years. The Hybrid version has better gas mileage, and some critics even found it to be quicker than the standard Camry. It boasts 40 mpg combined, with a total driving range of 680 miles.

The 2017 Camry Hybrid is also one of the safest cars, with a five-star overall rating from the NHTSA. Its interior is comfortable and provides adequate space for all passengers, even in the second row. However, like the Prius, it lacks some popular infotainment features.

The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

The Accord is one of the Camry’s biggest competitors, and the 2017 model definitely has some advantages. It’s slightly more fuel-efficient, with 48 mpg combined city and highway. It also has nearly 90 more miles of driving range than the Camry Hybrid. It has a few more desirable standard safety features, plus available smartphone integration.

However, some critics noted that these safety features aren’t as fine-tuned as they would have liked. Its trunk space is above average, but the rear seat can’t be folded down. In terms of driving performance, the Accord has refined handling and feels very speedy by hybrid standards.