You Could Get a Jeep With Demon Or Hellcat Power

Jeep models are known to be beastly off-roaders, but some enthusiasts require more power. If you ever dreamed of having a Jeep with Demon or Hellcat authority, you’re in luck. You’ll just have to make your way to Las Vegas.

The rare beasts at Jeep Only

2020 Jeep Wrangler parked on mountain top
2020 Jeep Wrangler | FCA

We could see more standalone Jeep dealerships in the future, and the Jeep Only dealership in Las Vegas shows what could be. Sometimes, this dealer will have Wranglers or Gladiators that are supercharged with Demon or Hellcat horsepower. But as you can imagine, these monstrosities come with high price tags., as highlighted in a recent AutoNews report. 

Dakota Customs takes regular Jeeps and Rams and converts them into Demons or Hellcat-powered vehicles. The shop’s Wrangler conversions and then ships them to dealers like Jeep Only. Dakota Customs also makes conversion kits for other Jeep dealerships and off-road outlets. 

Currently, Jeep Only has a 2020 Gladiator Rubicon with a 6.2L Demon V8 engine for sale. This model’s original price was $279,950, but there’s a discount now for $80,000 off. A Hellcat Wrangler can cost up to $169,950. Even though these variants are in the ultra-luxury price range, there is a select group that’s always ready to splurge, says Dakota Customs founder Dan McKeag.

“They have the money to spend,” McKeag said. “A lot of guys are in a club, or they have a selection of friends that they always go off-roading or four-wheeling with. One builds it and then everybody builds it. It goes back to the fact that the [original] motor is a small V-6.”


How Dakota customs brings Jeep concepts to life

A 2020 Jeep Gladiator on monster wheels outside of the Dakota Customs shop.
Jeep Gladiator Dakota Customs conversion | Dakota Customs

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While Jeep itself recently confirmed that it would add a V8 engine to the Wrangler, McKeag has been doing so for years, since 1995 actually. In addition to modifying newer Jeeps, McKeag has also flipped older classics. He’s placed the same V10 engine found in the Dodge Viper into TJ Wranglers. Chrylser also tapped Dakota to make V8-powered Wranglers from 2008 to 2012. 

Under the hood of a Jeep-Hemi engine conversion.
Jeep Hemi conversion | Dakota Customs

Despite the pandemic, the shop has been busier than ever. One of the most recent Dakota projects includes putting a 1,000-hp Hellephant engine into a 1947 Dodge Power Wagon pickup. These intense projects can take three weeks and include enhancing the suspension based on what a customer wants. 

“We definitely firm up the suspension; otherwise, you can have the front end lift too high because of the engine torque,” McKeag said.


There’s ‘no end’ of customers

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McKeag says that he’s had no shortage of customers throughout his career, which benefits dealerships like Jeep Only. Since 2015, Dakota has completed roughly 80 Hellcat Wrangler conversions and has sent out the same amount of upgrade kits. If you want to give your Wrangler the Hellcat treatment, it will cost $56,000. Converting your Gladiator to a Demon comes to $68,000. And if you only want to see one of these beasts in person, Jeep Only welcomes that too.