You Could Do a Lot Worse Than the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid

Since 1903, Ford has been showing the world why they are one of the leading names in the automobile industry. Over the past decade, the Ford Escape has been one of the top-selling SUVs. Now, in 2020, Ford’s fans and drivers have the option of getting the hybrid version of the popular model.

The newest model has undergone some changes and improvements, and almost every aspect of the car became a hit. Some people might be a little hesitant about the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid, but it is actually a really great option. 

What are some of the features and highlights of the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid? 

The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid is making quite the statement with it’s new curvier look. The fuel-efficient vehicle has been reminding Ford’s fans and drivers why the Escape has always been such a popular choice. The model’s hybrid nature and the standard 1.5-liter engine are just two of the many benefits that come with investing in the 2020 Escape. 

The Ford Escape is also well-known for its ability to quickly and easily move while on the road. When the model’s brakes were put to the test, it scored exceptionally well. 

The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid has been making a good first impression. The comfortable seating options provide drivers with even more of an enjoyable driving experience. The high-tech cockpit and spacious cargo area are a few more reasons this model stands out.

Plus, the standard safety features make the 2020 Ford Escape a smart and reliable choice. However, there are a few areas of the car that some drivers were disappointed to learn about. 

Are there any downsides to investing in a 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid?

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The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid is doing a lot of things right, but unfortunately, Ford did seem to miss on a few minor issues. One subject that did appear bothersome to some drivers was the engine’s noise level.

The loud engine was not what drivers were expecting. The vehicle’s hybrid attributes make it much better for than environment but less enjoyable to listen to. It seems like a small sacrifice to make in the grand scheme of things, but nonetheless, it’s something to be aware of.

What other small and minor problems are there?

One other point of tension for the new vehicle had to do with Apple CarPlay. The 2020 Escape Hybrid seemed like it was intended to be compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Apple CarPlay is a new feature that allows iPhone users to easily use and manage their phone while driving. A CarFax review recapped the disappointment upon realizing that the Apple CarPlay was acting glitchy, so to speak.

The review read, “The worst news was the way Apple CarPlay worked with the car’s infotainment system. Bottom line: I couldn’t change the audio volume while my phone was plugged in.” It definitely sounds frustrating and seems to be an issue specific to Apple devices.

The review went on to explain, “My colleague had an Android phone that functioned normally with the system.” For a car that embodies so much innovation, it seems incredibly strange that the 2020 Escape can’t keep up, technologically speaking. 

When it comes to cars, Ford understands what matters most; unfortunately, it just seems like they might need a little extra time to figure a few of the smaller things. The 2020 Escape Hybrid is an excellent SUV for a lot of different reasons. The new model is a great choice despite the loud engine and difficulties with Apple CarPlay.