You Can’t Buy This Toyota Land Cruiser in the US

Since the Toyota Land Cruiser made its maiden voyage up Mount Fuji, it has been an off roading legend. Today, the Land Cruiser is still the top choice for four wheel adventures. It can face off a Colorado snowstorm and nimbly navigate the Australian Outback. But one of the coolest versions of the ultra capable Cruiser isn’t even available in the US.

It’s still fun to dream. Additionally, there may be a time when you get to test out a foreign Land Cruiser on holiday, so it may benefit to get to know the vehicle before renting one for a vacation abroad. This 2 door 4×4 has to be one of the most impressive utilitarian vehicles that is unavailable to us here in the states –– and there is just something about the fact that it’s a two door.

Not just for business

The Land Cruiser Commercial is the classic Land Cruiser stripped down to highlight its capability and strength. There is no pretending to be a luxury vehicle for this nifty two door off-roading beast. The Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial may be marketed as a business truck but it has potential to go, well, pretty much anywhere.

This legendary SUV can go overland like nobody’s business. So if you’ve got work in the backcountry and you live somewhere these are available, the Land Cruiser Commercial should be on your radar. But this handy vehicle isn’t just for work.

Off-Roading Beast

The Land Cruiser Commercial is a machine built for off-roading. It may not be the perfect family vehicle due to the fact that the rear seats are replaced by rubber-lined cargo, but it can carry two passengers and a full haul of gear deep into the bush. It will also tow around 6,600 pounds.

It has all the power and capability to follow its predecessor up a mountain. The Land Cruiser Utility comes standard with with a manual transmission and a powerful diesel engine. You can upgrade to an automatic transmission by opting for the Active trim, but why would you? The completely stock model of this Toyota is set up for off-roading success.

Stripped down and ready for anything

For converting an off-road vehicle into a something like an extra accommodating camping machine, the first step is usually to strip down the original vehicle. This one comes that way. The Land Cruiser Commercial in all its rubber lined glory is literally ready for anything.

There is no limit to the DIY direction someone could take this off-roading two door Toyota. Not only can it go almost anywhere on Earth, the Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial is ready to receive a number of interior builds and conversions. With the right camp cargo set up and a rooftop tent, this foreign Land Cruiser could be a new home away from home.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial

While this type of utility may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are many out there who may find this foreign two door Cruiser intriguing. The Land Cruiser Commercial could be the best work truck ever.

For the large body-on-frame SUV that it is, the Land Cruiser Commercial gets great mileage with its diesel engine. The only downside to this Toyota is that if you want to the whole crew on your adventure you’re out of luck. It’s great for accommodating gear with ample cargo space, but there isn’t really any seating for passengers in the rear.

It does has massive potential to become an amazing built out camping beast prepared to take you to the middle of nowhere. But, alas, we can’t get it here in the US. The closest thing to it is the Lexus GX, which is a super luxury four door built around the same frame with comparable capabilities.


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