You Can Tour The Audi Design Lab From Your Couch

The recent quarantine has left everyone feeling a little stir crazy. We’ve binge-watched car shows on Netflix, painted the insides of our houses, and maybe if we were motivated enough we did some general maintenance on our cars. As stores and restaurants begin to reopen slowly, the dread of continuing to inside seem to linger, but you can ditch your binge-watching to check out something new Audi has to offer: you can tour their design lab right from your couch – and it’s free.

Tour the design lab from home

Logging on to the Audi design lab tour, you will get to watch real, live tour guides discuss the philosophy that Audi designs by. You and your family, friends, or even dog, will get to see a presentation of the “Insight Audi Design.” The best part? It’s completely free to participate and you can do it from the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about social distancing.

AudiStream illustrates the development and working methods of the design laboratories of Audi.

When you log on to the AudiStream website you start by selecting a tour date and time in your language. After you’ve selected your tour, the screen will prompt you to select your specific interests. You can select several options such as company history, motorsports, specific models, or the different types of technology offered by Audi. Then you simply enter your personal information and confirm your design lab tour appointment. It’s that simple.

The first of it’s kind

No other car manufacturer is currently offering a live, at-home tour of the design labs or manufacturing facilities, but you can see some pre-recorded tours and informative videos on their websites or YouTube.

The live stream is not only fun and convenient, but it is tailored to your specific interests and personalized just for you and your watch party. Audi is offering more than just a prerecorded video, and there are two features you can choose from that is designed to give viewers the ultimate experience.

When selecting your tour, you can choose one of two options. The first option requires a microphone but allows you to speak with your tour guide an ask questions, making it feel like you’re right there in their Ingoldstadt facility. If your household is a little too loud, the second option allows you to interact with the tour guide via a chat messenger.

AudiStream illustrates the development and working methods of the design laboratories of Audi.

The ability to interact and personalize your tour makes this one of the coolest free features you can get from any car manufacturer, and you can access it from anywhere without having to travel in these uncertain times.

You can go online now and book your design lab tour, but because they are personalized and live they are done by scheduled appointments only. The appointment tool is easy to follow and use, and is constantly updated with new available times.


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