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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Tesla, it’s that this famed automaker delivers on its promises. CEO Elon Musk keeps the world updated on Tesla’s goals for advancing its technology and design. According to Musk, Tesla drivers will be able to use in-car video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix in the near future.

Tesla to add streaming services

In June 2019, Musk hinted that cars will get updates to infotainment systems that will allow for in-car video streaming services. According to TechCrunch, Musk’s recent tweet confirms that video streaming services will be coming soon. This will include access to services like Netflix and YouTube.

Musk added that the experience will be like “an old-school drive-in movie experience, but with much better sound.” Tesla’s cars already have surround-sound audio and high-end seating. These features will make watching videos in the car an immersive, theater-like experience.

The company hasn’t released an official date yet. But rumors indicate a massive rollout of the update on all hardware systems in August 2019. To ensure safe video-streaming experiences, these services will only be available while the vehicle is completely stopped — for now anyway.

What Tesla vehicles can already do

According to Business Insider, Consumer Reports names Tesla’s infotainment system as the “best in the auto industry.” The intuitive infotainment systems are known for their giant displays and advanced features. And Tesla is always updating the infotainment systems with their latest offerings through over-the-air hardware updates.

The infotainment systems in Tesla vehicles can control nearly every setting in the car. In addition to the standard options you’d expect, owners can use the infotainment system to navigate, browse the internet, and even draw. The system has multiple media and music features, too, which can be controlled with the company’s voice command technology.

One recent update includes a video game function that turns your Tesla vehicle into one big gaming console. Called “Tesla Arcade,” this function lets you play a variety of games like Fallout Shelter. According to CNET RoadShow, the steering wheel can be used as the control in racing games like Mario Kart and Beach Buggy Racing 2.

How this fits into Tesla’s ambitious future

After tweeting the announcement about video-streaming services, Elon Musk made yet another promise. Currently, the plan is to allow accessing videos only when the vehicle is stopped. However, Musk claims that once federal regulations approve fully autonomous driving, owners will be able to stream videos while in motion, according to Fox Business.

This ability will likely extend to other Tesla infotainment services as well. Until then, Tesla owners will be able to watch their favorite videos from the comfort of their own impressive vehicle.