You Can No Longer Return a Tesla Within 7 Days

Jumping onto the electric bandwagon isn’t necessarily a simple decision. Before buying an electric vehicle, you’ll need to make sure that you have the adequate charging capacity both at home and at work and then you’ll need ensure that you can run all of your errands and conduct whatever leisurely business you might have within the charge range. But first, you’ll need to make sure that you like the EV that you’re buying, which is why Tesla originally had a seven-day return policy. But unfortunately, that policy has recently disappeared.

All Tesla sales are final

Over the past few years, Elon Musk has shown a strong vote of confidence in his products by offering a seven-day return policy with every Tesla model purchase. Much like Carmax’s policy, the Tesla return policy enabled buyers to return the car within the allotted time provided that the car has fewer than 1,000 miles on the odometer and was void of any damages “no questions asked.”

According to Electrek, the original policy on the automaker’s support page included the following verbiage:

“Owning a Tesla vehicle means you are driving one of the most advanced, best performing, and safest vehicles available. We are confident that you will feel great about your new vehicle, and so are giving you time to experience and enjoy your new Tesla. Subject to the terms and conditions of this policy, if you are unhappy with your vehicle, you may return it to us within seven (7) calendar days.”

But now, the support page just shows things like “trending topics” and a menu on the Tesla ownership experience. There’s no sign of a return policy anywhere.

The Tesla Model Y is the brand's first small electric crossover.
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

What does this mean for Tesla?

While we don’t think that lack of the return policy will turn many prospective buyers away from owning an electric car, it doesn’t do much to offer peace of mind. As Electrek also pointed out, it’s unclear how many people actually made use of the return policy, however, with the recent issues that the brand has had with the Model Y, there’s a possibility that buyers of that car were using it a lot, causing Tesla to do away with the policy altogether.

The Tesla Model S Performance offers a 2.3-second 0-60 time and over 350 miles of available range.
Tesla Model S | Tesla

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Can a Tesla be returned at all?

As far as we can know, any unsatisfied Tesla customers will now have to go through the service department and it’s unclear what they will happen in that circumstance. We sifted through all of the Tesla service pages and found nothing regarding returns, so it could be safe to say that there are no returns accepted. However, Electrek also noted that you can still refuse the delivery of a Tesla if you don’t think that the quality standards are up to par.

As if buying an electric vehicle wasn’t a big enough decision, let alone a $37,000 to an over-$100,000 decision, it’s a shame that there’s no longer a safeguard against buyer remorse anymore. Offering a return policy is a handy way to draw any worried buyers into the world of EV ownership, but for now, buyers will just need to cross their fingers that everything will turn out just fine after taking delivery of their shiny new Tesla.