You Can Get a 2020 Toyota Supra With a Manual Transmission After All

Maybe Toyota got it right with the 2020 Supra. Don’t offer a manual transmission and they’ll be writing about it for years, which is publicity. Even if it’s not good publicity. 

The Supra seems like the best performance model Toyota has offered in years. One of the most natural options one can imagine would be a manual trans. Of course, Toyota chose not to offer one in the Supra. Not the end of the world, necessarily. But you would think the engineers left the steering wheel off with so many articles praising the Supra while lamenting the lack of a manual option.

We still don’t know whether Toyota is going to slip the manual options box into future ordering lists. But if you really want a stick-shift Supra, you’re in luck. 

You’re In Luck

European Auto Group in San Antonio, Texas is a tuning shop that has been around for years. It’s built a lot of cred after swapping manuals into cars not originally engineered to have them. The team at EAG has converted a Ferrari 430 Scuderia into a manual and done the same with a 599. It’s in the process of finishing up the first Ferrari 458 swapped with a manual, too. The good news for Supra fans is, that’s not the only manual swap in the works.

Looking for more uncharted waters and maybe something slightly less exclusive, EAG is also in the middle of developing a manual 2020 Toyota Supra. Owner Art Bartosik recently told CarBuzz that he and his team “are now taking customer deposits.”

Parts and Labor

As you can imagine, the conversion won’t be cheap. Barosik told CarBuzz the tab will be $12,000 per car. That includes both parts and labor. He also noted it will take a month to month-and-half for completion. Besides the parts and labor, you’ll have to ship or drive your Supra to San Antonio. 

The Supra was developed with BMW and has the same inner structure as the BMW Z4. The Z4 has a manual option. So the good news is that EAG will use BMW parts for the entire conversion, including sourcing the transmission. Even the Supra’s 335 hp B58 engine is BMW-based. So, in many ways, this is a “bolt-in” conversion without hot torching or fabricating parts.

What About the Warranty?

Unfortunately, the conversion will likely void the Supra’s warranty. Because of that, EAG is working out the details on a four-year/50,000-mile coverage for all the Supras it converts. 

As for the shifter itself, EAG wants to use one similar to the one found in the Toyota GR HV concept with the red flip-up cover hiding the button programmed to activate the “Sport” mode. Good choice!

EAG Accessories and Tuning

EAG plans also include a line of Supra accessories like an aero kit, carbon fiber roof, and mirror caps; along with the usual accessory wheels, exhaust, and suspension bits. 

With engine mods in mind, EAG is partnering with ProTuning Freaks. It will offer engine tweaks that will develop around 430 hp for the Supra’s stock 335 hp straight-six powerplant.

Interested in having EAG manualize the Supra you’ve got on order? A $6,000 deposit will get you in line. Once you take possession of your Supra you’ll need to arrange shipping to EAG. If you’ll be at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the beginning of November, there will be a converted Supra there for your perusal. Tell EAG sent ya!