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The Jaguar F-Type is one of the fastest luxury convertibles you can buy. The most powerful variant, the SVR trim, has a 575-hp engine under its stylish hood. As you’d expect from any luxury sports vehicle, this Jaguar is also packed with fun tech to enhance your overall driving experience.

The F-Type’s powertrain specs are definitely exciting, but some competitors do it better. According to U.S. News, plenty of other luxury sports cars outmatch the F-Type is a few different categories. Here are some of the F-Type’s weak spots that need improvement.

Subpar interior quality

Judging only off photos, there’s certainly nothing about the Jaguar F-Type’s interior that seems amiss. It definitely looks athletic with its compact center stack and bolstered sports seats. These seats are also highly adjustable and constructed with genuine leather and suede. However, some critics don’t think it’s as luxurious or well-built as other luxury cars.

If you want the best cabin, you’re better off with the Mercedes-Benz GT. Critics had only good things to say about its design, as well as the many high-quality materials used. The Porsche Boxster also received high marks for its stunning cabin.

Cramped seats in the Jaguar F-Type

The one major hassle about sports seats is that they tend to be low to the ground. This is particularly evident on the F-Type. Even though the seats are adjustable, many taller drivers expressed that they had trouble entering and exiting the vehicle. 

They also felt uncomfortable riding in the car for long periods of time. On the other hand, the Lexus LC has ample legroom and headroom for both front passengers. Drivers also found that they had an easier time entering the car. The BMW Z4 also has some of the roomiest seats in the convertible class.

Eye-watering price

The Jaguar F-Type is definitely one of the more expensive convertibles. While it’s not as pricey as Audi R8, its top trims can cost more than $120,000. Considering the car’s shortcomings, buying a brand-new Jaguar may not be the best value.

However, there are still a few sports convertibles that can deliver thrilling performance for an affordable price. The redesigned Chevy Corvette starts at around $60,000 and boasts a standard 490-hp V8. The Toyota Supra, another fan favorite, maxes out at around $55,000. While its power output isn’t nearly as powerful as other rivals, it still handles itself excellently on the track.

Disappointing ride quality

The Jaguar F-Type is powered by either a four-cylinder engine, a V6, or a range-topping V8. It can also come with all-wheel drive, an adaptive suspension, and an adjustable exhaust system. The F-Type can be a capable racing car, but the resulting cabin noise may be too much for some drivers.

Edmunds reported that there is a considerable amount of road and engine noise. Other critics also found that the seats were too firm during daily driving. In contrast, the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class convertible offers drivers a perfectly plush ride. Critics also found that the BMW 8-Series convertible’s cabin is also fairly quiet with the top lowered.

What the Jaguar F-Type does well

Even though the F-Type has a few grievances, there are a few areas where it excels. Its base engine is very energetic for a four-cylinder, allowing drivers to get from 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds, according to MotorTrend. It’s also known for its agile handling, and coupe models have a bigger cargo hold than most cars in its class.

The 2021 F-Type will reportedly have a few exciting changes, so we may see some improvement in the future. Until then, another luxury convertible on the market may suit your needs better than the Jaguar F-Type.


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