You Can Buy These 5 Reliable Cars for Under $10K Each

Finding a great used car can be a challenge especially when it comes to setting a budget. But, there are still many used car options that are both budget-friendly and reliable. Check out some of the best-used cars you can buy for under $10K according to the U.S. World & News Report.

2009 Hyundai Genesis

Average listing price: $5,969

Before the Genesis became its own division within Hyundai Motor Group, there was just the Genesis sedan. The 2009 Hyundai Genesis became popular amongst drivers because of its great blend of affordability and luxury offerings. Leather seats came standard on this model as well as a loud sound system.

There are two powerful engine choices on this model: the V6 with a 290-horsepower or the even stronger V8 with a 368 hp. Along with its surprising performance came a comfortable, lush interior. The 2009 Genesis also earned top safety ratings. and reliability scores.

2010 Toyota Avalon

Average listing price: $8,063

The Avalon is an oddity to some because it’s expensive for a Toyota, so much so that you might as well pay for a Lexus. Still, it remains a popular model in the Toyota lineup.  Back in 2010, the Avalon was celebrated for its roomy cabin that was reminiscent of the Lexus brand plus its fuel efficiency. The 2010 Avalon also consists of a potent V6 engine that contributes to a 268 hp. Safety is also a great benefit of this sedan.

2011 Buick LaCrosse

Average listing price: $8,476

If the 2010 Avalon is a strong contender for you then you will also want to look into the 2011 LaCrosse. The 2011 LaCrosse is known for its high safety ratings and overall reliability. This sedan also has enough available features to compete with the luxury brands in its class. The 2011 LaCrosse comes with a standard four-cylinder engine that’s pretty satisfying. For more power, you might want to consider the V6 engine. 

2010 Ford Fusion

Average list price: $6,255

The 2010 Ford Fusion isn’t luxurious, but it’s fairly capable. This sedan features two sporty engine options: the four-cylinder with a 175 hp or the V6 with a 265 hp. The 2010 Fusion also offers good fuel economy and top-notch safety ratings. When it was new, it garnered excitement for being fun to drive, and for having a stylish and roomy interior. The 2010 Fusion is a great practical option and useful for carrying larger cargo items too.

2012 Honda Fit

Average listing price: $7,995

As far as safety, durability, and fuel efficiency goes, the 2012 Honda Fit delivers. This quirky hatchback is ideal for hauling people and cargo. Its standard four-cylinder engine isn’t really exciting due to its bland 117 hp, but that contributes to its overall fuel economy. Even though it is a little slow, the 2012 Fit is still fun to drive and pretty smooth on the road. The model comes with standard features like cruise control and power door locks. On the other hand, you can find models with added Bluetooth connectivity and climate control to spice things up.