You Can Buy a New C7 Chevrolet Corvette at a Huge Discount

Chevy dealers are discounting the heck out of 2018 and 2019 C7 Corvettes. We wonder why? Oh, yeah. The mid-engine C8 is almost ready to hit dealer showrooms. But the last of the front-engine Corvettes and also the last of the manual Corvettes is still quite a technological tour-d’-force, and maybe the best Vette ever built.

If performance is your thing, you won’t be disappointed the first time you stab the throttle and crank the wheel hard. Light, responsive and fairly neutral, what could be wrong? This is a light, fiberglass sports car with the engine up front.

So don’t be shy. If you’ve ever wanted to purchase a Corvette new, this might be the best time. Some Chevy dealers still have 2018 models languishing around their lots, and many have a good selection of 2019 Vettes. It’s going to be a lot harder to get fannies into those Corvettes once the C8 fills space on the same pavement.

If you’re a current Corvette owner you can get a whopping $13,000 off of 2019 1LT’s with the Corvette Loyalty discount. If you are coming in without the Loyalty rate, you can still get the $57,000 sticker Vette for more than $10,000 off.

Say you want a Z06? Many dealerships, not just a few, are advertising them for between $10,000 and $13,000 off of list price. And this is before you charm the salesman into taking a few more Benjamins off of that. Let’s see how much the sales manager is looking forward to, but also dreading the coming of the C8.

A Grand Sport more your style? We are seeing a few discounted to just $52,000, and too many to count at $54,275. That’s advertised price. This may not be at your local Chevy dealership, but a quick Google search can inform you what’s available within your travel comfort zone.

Yes, we are also seeing 2018 Grand Sports advertised for over $85,000. Dealers will be dealers.

In the Los Angeles area based on our Motorbiscuit dealer pals, if Chevy stores aren’t starting to negotiate at $10,000 off, they’re not even trying.

There has never been nor will there ever be again such a sea-change in Corvette-land. So you’ll probably never see Chevy dealers so ready to deal to get those “lesser” Vettes off of the lot as they prepare for the onslaught of mid-engine fans and actual buyers.

Bottom line: it’s a great time to smell that new fiberglass smell in your garage—at least once in your life!