You Can Actually Tow Stuff With Your Chevy Corvette

If you tow things, often chances are you have a pickup truck or even an SUV. These are the most common vehicles that people use to pull just about anything. You may have, on occasion, seen a small passenger car driving along with a trailer behind, but they are usually four-door sedans that are a little bit larger. To my surprise, the Chevrolet Corvette is also a decent car to tow things with — you know, if you want to haul stuff with your sports car and get what I’m sure is horrendous gas mileage.

The Corvette just got more practical

Have you ever been driving your Corvette and thought to yourself, “I wish I could trailer something behind me”? No? I didn’t think so. Apparently using a Corvette to tow things isn’t the most uncommon occurrence on the road, and there are plenty of forums between the generations of this popular Chevy to share secrets as to how to accomplish it. Chevy, on the other hand, probably won’t recommend you use your Corvette to tow anything at all

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Towing a motorcycle

You have probably never seen someone towing anything with their Corvette, but if you have, you probably had the same reaction that I did. Only one time in my life have I seen a Corvette actually towing something, and it happened to be a Harley Davidson on a trailer headed to the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina. I’d never seen anything quite like it, but because of the power supplied by the engine and the amount of torque almost every generation of Corvette has, apparently it isn’t the most uncommon thing in the world. To my surprise, it isn’t the only odd car you might see towing a trailer with jet skis or a motorcycle, either.

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Installing the trailer

Because the Corvette isn’t necessarily designed to tow things, installing the parts necessary can take some time. In almost every state a trailer must have brake lights so you can see when the car is coming to a stop, so this means you not only need to install a trailer hitch, you also need a wiring harness as well. Because it isn’t recommended by Chevy, we don’t know exactly how much of a towing capacity each generation of the sports car has, but most people try to keep it lightweight when possible.


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As you can imagine, getting your Corvette set up to trailer something isn’t the simplest task in the world. It isn’t the most impossible thing to do either, and there are plenty of forums that debate towing capacities and different ways to attach the trailer hitch. While you may not be in any rush to try to use your Corvette to trailer your jet skis to the lake this summer, it is still interesting to know that you could if you wanted to.