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Some of the biggest recent news in hip-hop music was that Ye, or Kanye West, gave fashion designer A$AP Bari a “Maybach truck.” Technically, A$AP Bari got a new MercedesMaybach GLS 600 SUV. But in the hip hop world, where wordplay is key, “truck” refers to any large and special SUV. And, the Maybach GLS 600 is a very $pecial truck, indeed, for A$AP Bari.

Why did Ye give A$AP Bari a new Maybach truck?

A$AP Bari is a clothing designer who is friends with Ye, or Kanye West as many know him. He is the co-founder of the A$AP Mob hip-hop collective and a fashion designer. But, as reported in Hot New Hip Hop, A$AP Bari recently crashed his Maybach. Ye replaced it with a new Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600. Bari and Ye have been friends for years. The GLS600 is popular with rappers, and Ludacris has one, too. It’s not a G-Wagon, but it’s priced similarly.

What is the Mercedes-Maybach GLS600?

2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS | Mercedes

First, Maybach is the extreme luxury arm of Mercedes-Benz. It was launched as a standalone brand several years ago and then folded back into Mercedes. The Maybach trim levels take what would be a very nice car or SUV, and then adds more leather, more wood, and more chrome to make the ultimate Mercedes. You can spot a GLS 600 by its (usually) two-tone paint and giant grille that bucks the three-pointed-star for toothy Maybach heritage grille.

The GLS 600 has 550 horsepower and can accelerate to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds thanks to a biturbo hybrid V8. But buyers of this Maybach truck are more interested in the 12-way heated seats with massage, the Air Balance cabin fragrance system, the optional handcrafted silver champagne flute holders, and the heated front and rear armrests.

How much is the Mercedes-Maybach GLS600, or Maybach Truck?

Maybach GLS600 interior
Mercedes Maybach GLS600 interior | Mercedes

When you want the ultimate Mercedes, it won’t be cheap. The 2022 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 has an MSRP of $165,100, before options. Options include the $1,800 folding tables for the rear seats, 22-inch wheels, several colors of Nappa leather, and five different wood colors. It can be ordered in four-seat or five-seat configurations.  The GLS was all-new for 2020.

The GLS 600 is based on the regular GLS450 and GLS 580. The 450 has a smooth six-cylinder, while the 580 makes 483 horsepower from a twin-turbo V8. Like the Maybach, they have active body control that uses cameras to spot bumps on the road and to adjust the suspension before you feel the bump. While you can order a GLS in a three-row version, the Maybach has only two rows and generous foot room.

The GLS is not the only off-roader Maybach

The Project Maybach is a one-of-one off-roader Maybach that is kind of like a safari version of a Maybach sedan. It was built to honor fashion designer Virgil Abloh. The all-electric Project Maybach looks like nothing else, with a roll cage, giant tires, skid plates, and off-road cues like fender flares and a custom axe in the door. It’s a coupe, but it’s based on the massive Mercedes G-Class SUV.


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