Yamaha Is Redefining How People Think About Center Console Boats

Based on Yamaha’s very popular sport boat models, the FSH Sport is just the boat you need for all your fishing and family adventures. Even in rough waters, you sail with confidence thanks to its fine craftsmanship and dual engines. With driveline and dual engines housed in the hull under the captain’s leaning post, the Yamaha FSH Sport gives you a unique 360-degree dynamic that’s perfect for all your fishing adventures.

We have all the details about this boat including an important award it received.

Yamaha has a unique boat

The Yamaha FSH Sport is unique in that it’s jet-powered. Normally, boats run off huge outboard motors that take up a lot of space hanging off the back. With the motor designed specifically for the boat by Yamaha, you have more space and great power. You also have the same reliability as an outboard motor.

Fishermen point out that the space is available in the back of the Yamaha boat is very useful. If you catch a big fish, there are only six to eight inches from the edge of the water which makes things easier. With a large outboard motor, you find yourself trying to haul the fish up and over the side.

The Yamaha FSH Sport is not just an ideal fishing boat. It’s also an ideal family boat. If you want to spend a day with your family on the water, this boat has you covered. Whether you want to lounge, swim, or have water sports in mind, the FSH Sport can do that. And it can do it for a price a family can afford.

When it comes to keeping your family safe, the Yamaha FSH Sport doesn’t have an exposed propeller. If your family wants to go tubing or swimming, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Yamaha’s innovative features

The Yamaha FSH Sport is a versatile boat that’s available in three variations according to Boat Show Marketplace. It’s available as a base 210 FSH, the 210 FSH Deluxe, and the top-shelf 210 FSH Sport with the custom T-top and everything with it. Regardless of which model you get, you get Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 High Output marine engines. The helm is designed to allow customization so you can tailor the boat to your own style.

You get wiring for dual batteries with the Deluxe version along with a head compartment curtain, stainless steel rub-rail, a trolling motor mount, and better seats. These are comfy padded seats for four adults on the wide bow. The cushions are removable so you can store them or leave them home if you wish.

Beneath the starboard bow seat you have an insulated fish locker along with a locker to hold a full-size Danforth anchor. Under the bow seat is even more storage space in the sole and in two large consoles. There’s another big storage space when you lift the helm console. It’s big enough to serve as a changing room. 

Exclusive to the Sport models is the T-top with rod holders. The T-top offers shade and looks great. It’s also easy to remove so you can store it.

The 210 FSH Sport is listed at $47,999 on Yamaha‘s site.

2018 Boat of the Year


The Yamaha F150 Is Most Popular Outboard Motor for a Reason

The Yamaha FSH 210 won Boating’s 2018 Boat of the Year award and for good reason. The jet-powered crossover center-console boat is flexible and deserves recognition for everything it has to offer. 

Boating explains that their team tests up to 120 different boats, makes and models each year. The crafts they test range from big diesel-powered cruisers to fast little PWCs. They claim their team has more than 100 years of combined boating and boat-testing experience. The team determines their Boat of the Year by selecting a boat that excels in its individual category more than any other boat excels in its given category.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose boat that’s flexible, well-designed, and loaded with innovative features, the Yamaha FSH 210 is what you’re looking for. Boating’s team that includes all genders and ages were so happy with it they didn’t want to return it.