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The electric vehicle industry continues to grow, and places like New York City have begun to focus on preparing for a future where EVs are the primary vehicles on the road. However, not everyone is excited about switching to EVs. In Wyoming, there was even a recent proposal to phase out EV sales. This may seem strange to those who own or want to own an EV, but it seems there is nothing much to worry about. The proposal appears to primarily be a political stunt.

Wyoming politicians hope to phase out EVs

An electric dealership, where they will not phase out Ev sales.
Hyundai dealership for EV sales | Anindito Mukherjee via Getty Images

The attempt to phase out EV sales in Wyoming is found in Senate Joint Resolution No. SJ0004, which the Wyoming State Legislature recently proposed. SJ0004 states that the Legislature encourages those in the state to phase out the sale of electric vehicles by 2035.

The word “encourages” is important here, as it appears several times in the resolution. This means that the bill, even if it were to become a law, does not seem to have the power to ban the sale of EVs. The Legislature may encourage companies to stop selling EVs in the state, but this does not mean the companies would have to abide by this. 

EVs are seen as one way to cut back on the use of fossil fuels, which could help fight climate change. This climate benefit is why there have been things like tax credits for EVs. If EVs are considered a general good for society, it may seem odd for a state to want fewer EVs. Why does this proposal exist, then?

Likely reasons for the Wyoming EV bill proposal

The language of SJ0004 clearly highlights why the Wyoming lawmakers proposed it in the first place. Car and Driver point out how the wording in the bill describes gas and oil in a very positive light while dismissing the potential environmental benefits of EVs. 

The bill was written and presented as a political stunt rather than an attempt to ban electric vehicles in Wyoming. For evidence of this, look no further than the end of SJ0004, which states that a copy of the bill will be sent to California despite going to no other state. Last year, California lawmakers announced plans to ban the sale of gas-powered cars in the state by 2035, the same year the Wyoming bill would take effect. 

With this background knowledge and the language of the bill in mind, SJ0004 is simply a reactionary proposal that Wyoming lawmakers created to show disdain for actions against gas-powered vehicles.

Not everyone is quickly switching to EVs

Despite the obvious lack of honest intentions in the Wyoming bill, there are genuine reasons for the slow adoption of electric vehicles. One of the most commonly-cited reasons is concern over charging an EV. Drivers may wonder about the availability of charging stations and be concerned about having to wait for their cars to charge. 

This is a valid concern, as the infrastructure around gas-powered cars is so present that drivers never have to worry about being too far away from a gas station. The good news, though, is that the number of charging stations across the United States has grown considerably in recent years, and this trend will likely continue.

The entry cost is another reason many stick with their gas-powered vehicles. Until a few years ago, the number of EV options was limited, and because of the newness of EVs, finding a used model was difficult. Even if a person wanted to switch to an electric car, they would likely find more affordable gas-powered options. Thankfully, now that there are more EVs on the road, more options are available, and it is easier to find an affordable EV


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