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Honda is a complicated brand that means many different things to many different people. On the surface, Honda consists of models in nearly every category that have become all but an industry standard. If I think of a sedan, the Honda Civic pops into frame. If I think minivan, you know the Honda Odyssey is upfront. Even the Honda Ridgeline is gaining respect. However, I don’t tend to associate Honda with high-octane performance cars. Of course, Honda has plenty of models that fit this, but it isn’t really the brand’s ethos. I’m driving the 2022 Honda Civic Si in my home state of Alabama this week; I realize I’ve been wrong about the Honda Civic Si for years. 

Orange 2022 Honda Civic Si sedan driving fast along a paved road on the plains
2022 Honda Civic Si | Honda

Is the Honda Civic Si fast? 

Interestingly, the Civic Si isn’t all that fast, yet there is a real feeling of sportiness that is impossible to deny. To prove my point, I assumed the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder making 200 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque would feel puny, even if a bit zippy. But call me overly romantic if you want, but I can’t tell if it’s the six-speed manual gearbox or the tuned chassis that brings all the best out of the car, but I feel like the Si is fast. 

Despite the 6.8-second 0-60 mph time, the manual transmission has a really cool auto-blip rev-match system that gives drivers the feeling of racing, even if you haven’t mastered the heel-toe technique. I could see this feature being a real treat for newer manual drivers. However, more seasoned drivers who prefer less interference from the car can turn the rev-match feature off. 

According to Car and Driver, although the Si isn’t exactly a fire-breather, it is 0.5 seconds faster than the Civic hatchback’s 0-60 mph time. 

Is the Honda Civic Si a good daily driver? 

Close-up of the front of a 2022 Honda Civic Si sedan in orange
2022 Honda Civic Si sedan | Honda

The Honda Civic Si might be one of the most enjoyable sedans to use as a daily driver. As I said, the Civic feels sporty without actually being a sports car. There is plenty of room inside the four-door sedan, the right is stiff but not uncomfortable, and it has all the infotainment features you need, including wireless Apple CarPlay. 

The other thing that floored me about the 2022 honda Civic Si is how fuel-efficient it is. There are very few sporty cars that are this much fun to drive that still land 35 mpg. Even with a heavy foot, I only saw my average mpg drop by one mpg over the last two days. 

Along with the Si’s newly tuned chassis, Honda also gave the Si bigger brakes but canned the steering dampeners. 

This sports car got a real interior

One of the most shocking aspects of the Civic Si is its interior. Again, I don’t exactly consider the Civic Si a sports car, but it is pretty dang close. Given its proximity to the sportiness, the comfort and style inside the car are unexpected. 

The Honda’s interior is plain but lovely. The red and black interior with heavily bolstered seat backs and red stitching quickly force your brain to forget it’s piloting a Honda. The ride is also a touch stiff but ultimately surprisingly comfortable, as are the aggressive seats. 

Ultimately, the entire package culminates in a car that is attractive but not overstated, fast but not tame, and comfortable but not luxurious. The 2022 Honda Civic Si is the perfect middle ground between practicality and pleasure. 


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