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An image of a damaged Toyota Supra in an open lot.

Wrecked Toyota Supra Lives on for 1 Informative Reason

For the most part, seeing a crashed Toyota Supra is never a good sign. Since everyone involved in this incident walked away, the team over at Toyota of Great Britain decided to repurpose this sports car to train technicians. Thanks to his effort, technicians now know how to work with this car's various structures and materials.

For the most part, seeing a crashed Toyota Supra is never a good sign. However, in this case, everyone inside this Supra managed to walk away from a fairly serious crash. Eventually, this car ended up where most totaled cars do, at an outdoor lot, likely awaiting to get auctioned off. However, with this sports car wasting away, a great idea appeared to repurpose it.

According to Toyota UK Magazine, Paul Collins, Body and Paint Project and Reporting Manager of Toyota Great Britain came up with the idea to salvage this car. The goal was to take it apart and utilize its frame to help train technicians on how to fix this sports car.

How did this Toyota Supra crash?

An image of a damaged Toyota Supra in an open lot.
Toyota Supra | Toyota UK Magazine

For the most part, we don’t know exactly how this Toyota Supra ended up in such terrible shape. However, from the one photo provided by Toyota UK Magazine, we can see plenty of details. For starters, the single image shows that most of the damage occurred on the car’s right side. This appears to be the case because nothing seems to be sticking out on the car’s left side.

A closer look at this Toyota Supra’s passenger door reveals that it has almost been ripped from its hinges. Additionally, we can clearly see some serious gashes all over it. Unfortunately, we don’t get a good enough view to see if the rear quarter panel houses any serious damage.

Regardless of the initial cause, there is no denying that this sports car is completely totaled. However, that doesn’t matter in this case.

Here’s why this sports car wasn’t scrapped

An image of the frame out of a Toyota Supra in a workshop.
Toyota Supra | Toyota UK Magazine

According to Toyota UK Magazine, Collins’ idea involves stripping this car completely. This way, its frame would be left completely exposed. The goal here is to help train technicians that are part of the Toyota Approved Repairer network. The reason why the Supra is a tricky car to fix in the first place is that it utilizes several different materials throughout.

According to Toyota UK Magazine, this sports car features an aluminum front end to help reduce weight. Aside from showing technicians how to work with these materials, this frame allows them to study exactly how the Toyota Supra goes together. This is a rare look since technicians rarely get to look at a disassembled car until they’re actually performing some serious fix.

Is the Toyota Supra a safe car?

If you’re looking for safety ratings to see if the Toyota Supra is a safe car, you’ll be quite disappointed. This is because neither the NHTSA nor the IIHS has released official ratings for this model. Not even Euro NCAP has official safety ratings for the Supra. However, there is a safety rating for the BMW Z4. While these cars share vastly different exteriors, they share the same structural components. As a result, they should perform comparatively in the case of an accident.

According to Euro NCAP, the Z4 received a perfect five-star rating for the 2019 model. Since these cars haven’t had any significant changes, that excellent rating should still apply to both the BMW and the Toyota.


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