Would You Rather Keep Your Truck or Give Up Things Like Coffee and Sex?

When it comes down to personal must-haves on a deserted island, or lifestyle staples that you can’t forgo, people admit to some crazy preferences. In the spirit of things you can’t live without, Ford’s Great American Truck Survey results are here. It may not surprise you that Americans are fiercely loyal to their beloved pickups. But it might make you shake your head when you learn of some of the things people said they’d give up in a heartbeat if it meant keeping their beefy wheels. Would you rather keep your truck or give up sex and coffee?

The Great American Survey only proves what everyone already knew

Each year, Ford commissions a survey that tells Americans what they already know. People love their trucks. The data comes from all walks of life, and the truck owners surveyed represent a wide range of demographics. Men, women, entry-level, and executive-level, all weighed in about their love of pickups. 

As part of the survey, Ford asks questions that indicate how consumers’ trucks make them feel. Typical responses include feelings of accomplishment, self-reliance, and capable. The study also compares the staples of everyday life to a quid pro quo line of questioning, which forces consumers to choose between the two.

Ford enjoys its view from the top

Ford is used to titles like the best-selling truck. So, it only makes sense that Ford leads the Great American Truck Survey. The highly anticipated 2021 Ford F-150, and the blue oval automaker just released a video with a sneak peek of the all-new interior layout. The last few model years may not have been inspiring, but the interior refresh is jam-packed with tech and impressive new screens. If F-150 enthusiasts weren’t already excited about the latest truck, they are now.

Some of the craziest responses in the survey

Did you know that 15% of truck owners have a tattoo reminiscent of their favorite pickup? The survey goes on to measure that an astounding 47% of truck enthusiasts would give up their cell phones for one year to keep their rides. A whopping 82% said they would forgo their favorite streaming services, and 79% would choose their trucks over alcoholic beverages. 

Despite being a coffee-loving nation, 71% of pickup owners would part with their essential morning javas. Oddly, 44% said they’d give up meat for a year, and a total of 38% were ready to give up sex to keep their trucks.

How loyal are you to your pickup?

Even a pandemic couldn’t keep people from buying their favorite trucks. In fact, for the first time, pickup sales in recent months have surpassed car sales nationwide. Today’s trucks, the Ford F-150 included, are doing far more for people and families than the pickups of twenty years ago. Trucks are staples for work and play, as well as for hauling and towing.

Consumers today want enough room for friends and family. But they want tech, upscale touchpoints, and fuel economy too. The automakers are listening, and each year, trucks become more and more popular. You may find yourself aligning with the truck lovers in this survey. How loyal would you consider yourself?

According to the Great American Truck Survey, people aren’t just happy with their Ford F-150 trucks, or trucks in general. Consumers love their capable wheels and are willing to give up some of the primary and necessary creature comforts in life to keep those pickups. Of course, no one is forcing anyone to give up their cell phones or meat products for a year. But in the big picture, it’s clear where Americans place their loyalty. And it’s not with their morning coffees.

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