Would You Pay $13,500 For This Brand New Pickup Truck?

No, you read that right. If it was sold here, which it is not, it would comfortably be the least expensive new pickup truck sold in America. This is the Tata Xenon midsize pickup that sells new for $13,500. So, would you drive it proudly? Would you pay $13,500 for this brand new pickup? Read on to convince yourself one way or the other.

Tata is the fourth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world

2021 Tata Xenon pickup | Tata

Tata Motors Group is an Indian company that besides making Tata vehicles also makes Jaguar and Land Rover models. It’s the fourth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. Not surprisingly, with that price and the features, it comes with the Tata Xenon midsize pickup is one of the company’s most successful and popular vehicles. 

First, it comes as either a four- or two-door model. Its 2.2-liter diesel engine is a four-banger rated at 140 hp with 240 lb-ft of torque. Hanging off of the back is a five-speed manual transmission. Zero-to-60 times are not especially notable at around 17 seconds. But who is looking for speed in a $13,500 new pickup?

This is about getting a new pickup cheap

2021 Tata Xenon pickup interior | Tata

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There is no automatic transmission option, nor is there an optional engine. The diesel banger and five-speed are your choices. But, again, this is about getting a new pickup cheap. And it’s all hypothetical since you can’t buy it in the US. 

Outside you get standard 16-inch alloy wheels. Both bumpers come in body color but the grille and door handles both get chrome. Mudflaps both fore and aft come as standard equipment. There are also fog lights to the rear. Why not the front we can’t say. The meaty flares give the Xenon a rugged, planted look. A couple of inches of lift and some off-road meats would vastly improve its sedate look in stock form.

Inside of the cabin the beefy leather-covered steering wheel is attached to power steering. The column is adjustable and the infotainment system is part of the deal. The bucket seats feature lumbar support adjustments. A digital clock, tough cloth trim, adjustable armrests, power windows, doors and mirrors, and a reverse camera are all standard equipment. 

The cabin comes standard with more features than you would expect

2021 Tata Xenon two-door pickup | Tata

Additionally, there is Bluetooth connectivity, USB connections, a four-speaker audio system, and dual front airbags. Cup holders and storage are features of the console along with electric window switches. The overall layout is nothing to write mom about, but it all ties together neatly. And we’ve seen worse. 

You could pick yourself up a used Colorado or Tacoma for the same price with a slew of features. But not everyone wants the top trim model. Many trucks are purchased as work trucks. So if “new” and “budget” were your main criteria it would be great to at least have the Tata Xenon midsize pickup as an option. 

But now you know there are other options in other markets that are somewhat intriguing. Having choices is one of the hallmarks of American pickup purchases. It’s too bad that at the lower end of the market there were more choices like the Tata Xenon. 

2021 Tata Xenon pickup | Tata