Would You Pay $100,000 for a Cadillac That Isn’t an Escalade?

As soon as Cadillac announced it would manufacture an EV line, car experts speculated about everything from features and power to cost. Now that more details are trickling out, we’re getting answers to our questions. The problem is that these answers are leading to new queries. One such question: Would you pay $100,000 for a Cadillac that isn’t an Escalade?

What we know about the Cadillac Celestiq

General Motors plans to market 30 EV models by the end of 2025, Car and Driver reported. And the Cadillac Celestiq is set to serve as the EV lineup’s flagship. Though we don’t yet know everything about the Celestiq, we’re steadily learning more.

With the Celestiq, Cadillac and General Motors prove they’re not interested in creating EVs that are too tiny to carry families. With four seats, the Celestiq might not be large enough for every family, but it’s big enough for smaller groups and pet owners. The vehicle will run on GM’s Ultium battery.

The Celestiq, a hatchback, bears a striking resemblance to another highly anticipated Cadillac EV, the Lyriq SUV, Car and Driver reported. Both will share a similar grille design, light strips, a lighted Cadillac badge, and long, low proportions. Both will ride on 23-inch wheels. The Celestiq will come in all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. And each will boast a stunning glass roof.

In a recent press release and sneak-peek video, Cadillac revealed that designers found the Ultium battery platform made a huge difference in the vehicle’s overall design. It created more space, allowing designers to add more technology than they had originally anticipated. Cadillac also said the Celestiq will boast hand-crafted materials and a unique and eye-catching design. 

Cadillac expects the Celestiq to get a 300-plus-mile range on a single full charge of the Ultium 100-kWh battery. For comparison, the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus has an EPA-rated 402 miles of range. 

The Cadillac Celestiq’s Ultium battery

GM’s creation of the Ultium battery is big news. In fact, it could change the EV industry. 

The Ultium is the result of a collaboration with Analog Devices Inc. It’s a wireless battery. That means fewer cables, a more affordable price, and cleaner operation. If the battery technology works the way GM hopes, the Ultium will last longer than other EV batteries. According to DesignNews, the Ultium battery uses 70 percent less cobalt than the Chevy Bolt’s battery.

“Ultium is the future of GM, and WBMS [wireless battery management system] will be standard in every one of its vehicles that use this battery technology,” CNET reported. “When it launches, this should be the first nearly wireless battery management system used in production cars and trucks. 

Brace yourself for sticker shock


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If you think the Celestiq sounds like the EV for you, expect it to be available between 2023 and 2025. But before you rush to order one, brace yourself: The Celestiq won’t be cheap. The estimated MSRP is about $100,000. 

Though some consumers are excited about the Celestiq, others are apprehensive about the price.

“A six-figure Cadillac that isn’t an Escalade is a hard sell IMO,” Matt1 wrote in response to Car and Driver’s article. “That’s serious money.”

Do you agree, or are you willing to take a chance on the first-generation Celestiq?