Would You Live in This Volkswagen Camper Van named Marty?

This is Marty, the Volkswagen T3 Syncro camper van conversion. He is a beautiful retro brown with gorgeous natural browns and beiges throughout. The couple thought out every texture and planned the space perfectly, creating this immaculate van life build that looks like something out of a vintage photoshoot. However, there is more than we see at first glance. The carefree life on the road surfing and enjoying nature out of their old VW van takes a lot of planning and organization. Do you think you would want to live in this Volkswagen camper van named Marty?

Old VW van

The conversion began with an old VW van. The couple, who owns and runs a hat company called Will and Bear, bought a 1989 VW T3 Syncro for their camper van conversion. It “started as a paint job.” According to Loz and Alex, the old VW van went into the shop for a paint job and stayed there for 6 months while they stripped it and built it out.

a view of old VW van Marty's interior with surfboards hung from the ceiling and lovely textured pillows in every shade of retro
Marty interior | Will and Bear

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While the 1989 T3 Syncro Volkswagen camper van is a capable 4×4 that “loves dirt roads,” it also loves the mechanic. Alex and Loz admit that they do, in fact, make frequent visits to the mechanic. However, they don’t seem too miffed by it. In fact, Loz shares something in the video tour that her van life friend shared with her before they set off on their Australian van life journey.

Marty exterior in the Australian bush
Marty exterior | Will and Bear

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‘The breakdowns will be the best part of your adventure”

Sometimes, when you break down is when the best times are had. You grow and learn about yourselves and each other. Each hardship on the road helps facilitate growth. What you can first “perceive as negative can then become a positive, in hindsight.”

The idea to get around Australia and explore while operating Will and Bear on the road turned into something that the couple deeply connects with. The Volkswagen camper van lifestyle works well with the overarching theme of the hat company. Alex and Loz and live their journey while also promoting others to get out and explore. They hope that Will and Bear, which plants 10 trees for each hat sold, will help encourage people and their families to spend time in nature. In our exploration of nature, we find a connection for the earth and in turn feel inspired to better steward the plant.

Marty from behind with a motorcycle on the back and adventure up ahead.
Marty exterior rear | Will and Bear

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Marty the Volkswagen camper van: function meets fashion

The retro fashion of this old VW van camper conversion isn’t just gorgeous to look at. The entire Volkswagen camper van build is functional, too. The rustic countertops are of rough wood and double as chopping boards. The small cabinet behind the passenger seat stores a camp cooker and cookware nestled functionally inside the piece of furniture. The cabinet also acts as a coffee table or a stand-up desk when necessary.

There are all sorts of storage bins for things like camping gear, clothing, and electronics. There is a water tank with a water filter utilized for their running water, and a 2000 watt inverter for electricity. Because they operate Will and Bear while on the road, Loz and Alex have a 4G router installed for convenience.

Marty interior view of the kitchen area and gorgeous sprawling view through the window.
Marty interior | Will and Bear

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Everywhere you look is a fashionably retro brown piece of home. Marty is a 4×4 house on wheels that makes living van life in an old VW camper van look more appealing than ever. I’m thinking I’m a little more ready to live life on the road with every conversion YouTube tour I watch. Would you live in this Volkswagen camper van named Marty?