Would You Drive This 1991 Ford Bronco XLT With Only 29 Miles?

Whenever you hear about these hyper-low-miles old cars it seems like a miracle. That’s true in this case. Here is a 1991 Ford Bronco with an astounding 29 miles on the odometer. It was driven from the Ford dealership to a storage facility where it has been sitting ever since. 29 miles! But it raises the question would you drive this 1991 Ford Bronco?

The thing is if you did drive it the uniqueness and value would take a dive. Does that matter? It depends on your take on ownership and the responsibilities that go with it. Do the incredible low miles kill its value as a functioning Bronco?

It is no longer a Bronco but a museum piece

29 mile 1991 Ford Bronco | bringatrailer

Does the next owner have a responsibility to keep the mileage at 29? If he or she does then it is no longer a Bronco but a museum piece. If it is a museum piece does that work for you? You would need to display it and not drive it. But is that the best use of the Bronco? Maybe. Maybe, not.

For whatever reason, the owner abandoned the storage facility this has been in back in 2018. The storage company acquired ownership in June 2019 and then sold it earlier this year to a dealer in Michigan. Now it is for sale on bringatrailer.

This Bronco is painted Colonial White with a Scarlet Red cloth interior

Scarlet Red Bronco interior | bringatrailer

The Bronco is painted Colonial White with a Scarlet Red cloth interior. For power, it has the base 4.9-liter inline-six. That is backed by a five-speed manual transmission and a dual-range transfer case. It has power steering and brakes, a limited-slip differential, manual locking front hubs, Preferred Equipment 684, and the Heavy Duty Service packages.

The Preferred Equipment package includes Scarlet Red captain’s chairs, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, a tach, rear window defroster, cruise control, tilt steering, and AM/FM cassette stereo.

Included with the Bronco is its window sticker, a temporary permit from 1991, a Marti report, a third-party inspection report, manufacturer’s literature, a 1991 Bronco sales brochure, a Carfax, and a clean title from Wisconsin. Interestingly, the driver’s side vent window has been replaced.

Why someone would load up this 1991 Bronco but stick with the base engine will forever be a mystery

Scarlet Red Bronco interior | bringatrailer

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This Bronco has a fairly high group of options with the exception of the base six-cylinder engine. Why someone would load up a vehicle like this but stick with the base engine will forever be a mystery. Two other engine options were available in 1991. Either a 145 hp or 185 hp 5.0-liter V8. Both the base six-cylinder and lower V8 had identical horsepower.

Selling originally for $21,125, its current bid is at $60,000 with the auction ending tomorrow. Will it reach $100,000? More? It’s hard to say. what’s even harder is what will the new owner feel compelled to do with it?

New 29-mile Bronco | bringatrailer