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This custom Ford Crown Victoria is called the “Clown Victoria” and we couldn’t agree more. Do you like it? If so, it could be yours as it is for sale for only $6,500, firm. It is packed with every Ricky Racer cliché.

The huge rear wing, massive front bumper, humongous hood scoop, and mid-engine side vents incorporate all of the features we love. They’re all overdone, adding to the charm and uniqueness of this one-off green machine.

Though this Crown Vic seems to be mid-engine, it is not

Clown Vic Ford Crown Victoria in front of recycling center
Clown Vic Ford Crown Victoria | Reddit

No, it is not a mid-engine sedan, but the vents sure look swell. That healthy, jacked-up rake gives it a real meaty look. The black competition stripes finish off the race-vibe additions. 

Though the Crown Vics are mostly remembered for being synonymous with police departments as pursuit vehicles, we don’t know the origins of this one. If it was once a Police Interceptor it would have stories to tell. That is, if it could talk, which we know it can’t. They also were found in metropolitan areas as taxi cabs. 

Finishing touches include the jazzy aluminum wheels and “Archangel” spelled out on the windshield in a gothic style. Really, the Clown Vic has just about everything you would want to impress your friends with. And the rancid green paint is sure to leave an indelible mark on your brain. 

These Crown Vics came with Ford’s Modular motors

Clown Vic Ford Crown Victoria
Clown Vic Ford Crown Victoria | YouTube

The Panther platform that the Crown Vics were built on included Ford’s modular V8. They’re not really fast, but they are torquey. That and their rather inexpensive buy-in means they work well under older trucks. Many 1960s pickups had their chassis pitched and body parts bonked onto a Crown Vic frame. 

This thing is so over-the-top that it might actually be fun to go cruising in. And though we doubt the workmanship is too good, it does look like it was done well in photos. But as you know, that doesn’t mean it looks that way in person. 

Discovered on Reddit, for $6,500 you can’t go wrong. And if by chance it doesn’t sell, it resides just outside of a recycling facility, so at least the owner can get a scrap price for his Clown Vic. Some things come together so well, don’t they?


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