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Get ready for the worst name ever, and possibly the worst vehicle design ever, with the Fisker PEAR electric vehicle. The design is not publicly available, but MotorTrend says it is “designed to shock and awe.” CEO Henrik Fisker told MT that standing out on the street is more important than being liked by the masses. If you’ve ever wanted to drive a car that looks like a toddler drew it with a crayon, you’re in luck.

What is the Fisker PEAR electric vehicle?

Three pears on a red background, the closest thing we have to a Fisker PEAR electric vehicle, the vehicle with the worst name ever.
Pears | Chris Rutter/N-Photo Magazine/Future via Getty Images

No one knows what the Fisker PEAR is or what it will look like. What we do know is that it’s Fisker’s second vehicle to go on sale following the Ocean SUV in late 2022. The PEAR is smaller than the Ocean and designed for young buyers. If the PEAR electric vehicle is three feet tall and shaped like a pear on wheels, it could be designed for really young buyers.

In an interview with Henrik Fisker, MotorTrend learned very little about the future EV. “We haven’t said what type of vehicle it will be, but it will be super radical, super unique,” he told MT. Every detail, right down to what type of vehicle it is, remains a secret. We’re not sure if it is a crossover, small SUV, or maybe even a hatchback.

Worst name ever: Why is it called the Fisker PEAR?

A silver Smart Car parked on a city street, could this be what the vehicle with the worst name ever, the Fisker PEAR electric vehicle is like?
Smart Car | Robert Alexander/Getty Images

PEAR is an acronym, short for “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.” Fisker’s CEO claims to like the name and that it will stick. The vehicle’s release date is 2024, so the PEAR EV has more time to ripen. The acronym goes right along with the explanation the CEO gave.

“We looked at young people living in megacities, and we developed user scenarios of what they are doing to come up with a mobility solution for them,” Fisker told MT. Could the PEAR be a tiny, mobile, SmartCar-sized EV? A mobility solution for young people in a city would need to be small, efficient, and safe.

Fisker went on to say that the PEAR does not look like any other vehicle. He also noted that the company came up with a new way of putting things into your vehicle. The PEAR will not have door openings like SUVs have, so being parked in tight city spaces is easier to manage. What does that mean, you ask? We have no idea.

Is the Fisker PEAR electric vehicle in production?

Fisker finished the styling for the PEAR electric vehicle already. From there, it moves into the engineering phase. From what Fisker has revealed so far, the engineering phase will likely be a long and grueling one. Fisker is working with manufacturer Foxconn to increase speed and efficiency on their vehicle assembly. It focuses on production time because electric vehicles should be quicker to assemble than traditional ones.

Combing powers and relationships with Foxconn, Fisker plans to make the PEAR a high-tech machine. The CEO specifically noted a rotating screen that will turn from portrait to landscape to watch a movie when parked and charging. Additionally, it will reuse many parts from the Ocean SUV. Fisker plans to make 250,000 PEARs yearly in its production line at the 6.2-million-square-foot facility.

What else is Fisker working on?

Fisker Ocean SUV in orange photographed from a low perspective next to a lifeguard tower
Fisker Ocean SUV | Fisker Inc.

Already announced and coming late in 2022 is the Fisker Ocean electric SUV. Then comes the fruitiest of them all, the new Fisker PEAR electric vehicle. Other new vehicle details are unavailable, but we know five will be released by 2025. That means there are three more Fisker vehicles in the works that have yet to be revealed. If the unknown ones are anything like the Ocean and PEAR, we can’t wait to hear about them.


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