This Stunning Wooden Bugatti Centodieci Hypercar Actually Drives

The Bugatti Centodieci is a nearly $9 million hypercar that most car enthusiasts may never even have seen in real life, but that didn’t stop this woodworking dad from creating a small scale and accurate ride-along version for kids. Supercar and hypercar fans and future car enthusiasts can oftentimes appreciate the artistry, engineering, and aerodynamics of these incredible cars, and for one determined and skilled father, that meant there was only one option: to create a moving 1/3 scale Bugatti Centodieci out of wood.

The Bugatti Centodieci

The Bugatti Centodieci is an $8.9 million hypercar from Bugatti, more exclusive than even the Chiron or the Veyron, and, like most Bugatti products, it’s not all that common to see one. For most of us, we will see the Centodieci in pictures and videos, and even small-scale models and toys of the car are difficult and rare to come by. For one woodworker and YouTuber, it seemed the perfect challenge and addition to his collection of wooden hypercar replicas he has built for his son.

Bugatti sign
Bugatti sign | Jeremy Moeller, Getty Images

“In order to start making this car, I had to prepare for a long time. Besides looking at the photos I had to find the exact parameters of this car, then I scale it down. I used machines like chainsaws, wood planers and a few handtools.”

Truong Van Dao, ND-Woodworking Art

How long did it take to build this small-scale Bugatti Centodieci

It took the YouTuber 40 days to build this car from start to finish, which is rather impressive considering the amount of research and design required and the intricacy of the Bugatti Centodieci. The Vietnamese woodworker, Truong Van Dao, spared no detail in designing and crafting the model for his son, and in his time-lapse video, you can see just how much care was taken to ensure this miniature was as accurate as possible with only images to go off of. Truong did have to use his expertise as a woodworker and experience in building these 1/3 sized wooden structures from previous projects as he was not able to get exact dimensions and layouts for the car, including the chassis and undercarriage, which took a week themselves.

Wooden toy cars and other wooden spectacles

The YouTuber became popular for many of his woodworking, and the wooden Bugatti Centodieci wasn’t the first mobile vehicle that he made for his son. While it took Truong 40 days to artistically craft this hypercar from start to finish, he has also made several other supercar models, including a miniature scale Ferrari that was also mobile. While many of us grew up with Tonka toys and Barbie Jeeps, it isn’t all that unusual for supercar and hypercar fanatics to invest in small-scale versions of their cars and even for manufacturers to produce small ride-along variations of their vehicles. Because this was completely hand-built by a father as a gift for his son, it’s just a little extra special.


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