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Car maintenance can be an unfortunate downside to ownership, but it also means the difference between a safe and long-lasting vehicle and potential expenses and disaster. So it’s always a good idea not to take any chances when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. However, in weird car news, a social media user showed the hilarious side of responsible car ownership after spending $100 at the mechanic over a jar of olives.

Social media abounds with car tips and tricks

At their best, car posts on social media can save you money and give you options. For instance, several TikTok hacks discuss DIY air fresheners, which neither affect vehicle safety nor have many downsides. And the worst that could happen is your car won’t smell as good as intended. 

Another hack posted on TikTok uses glue and Tide to remove dirt and crumbs from your car’s interior. However, a slight error could damage your car’s interior and leave it looking worse than before.

And amid the many tips, tricks, and hacks lies the random but amusing story reminding you to listen to your car when it sounds like there’s a problem. 

A social media user tells her story of the $100 jar of olives

jar of olives, auto mechanic, car maintenance
Jars of green olives | Kevin Schafer/Getty Images

It’s easy to assume the worst when your car suddenly begins making unfamiliar noises. And one recent video shows how an unnamed woman paid the price for making that assumption.

She took to Instagram to tell her hilarious cautionary tale, and it sounds like something out of a sitcom. 

“I’m so embarrassed right now,” she says, laughing. “I just picked up my car from the dealership because when I was braking, it was making these clanking and clicking noises. So I told the guy about it, and I brought it in. And after two hours, he calls me, and he’s like, ‘Ma’am, your alignment’s good; your brakes are good.'” 

Luckily, the car’s owner kept a good sense of humor throughout the ordeal, as did the mechanic. She notes the strange turn the conversation took once she learned her car was fine.   

“[He said,] ‘We did an inspection, and we noticed that there was a jar of olives under the passenger’s seat. So we strapped them in, and your car’s not making noises anymore.’ So, I picked up my car, and this is what I found,” she says, pointing her camera to a jar of green olives strapped securely into a seatbelt in the backseat.

“I just paid a hundred dollars for that.”

Better that than thousands of dollars in repairs.

But one commenter said what you might be thinking: “Horrible dealership. I manage an auto shop, and that would be an easy diagnostic, and any real business would be honest with you and not charge for that BS.”

Knowing when to take your car in for maintenance 

Though that funny story had a happy ending, it’s a reminder of why it’s a good idea to take your car to the mechanic if something seems amiss. Sure, that owner’s problem was a wayward jar of olives, but other issues could lead to severe problems. Your car’s strange noises or change in performance could indicate something less hilarious.   

Anytime you’re unsure about what’s happening — especially underneath the hood — it’s better to spend $100 at the mechanic to find a minor problem than to ignore it and spend far more, including your health and safety. In a perfect world, stories like this would be the norm, and deadlier ones would not.   

So, the next time you hear a strange noise in your car, remember this story, not because of the silly ending, but because the owner did the right thing and took her car to a professional.


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