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One of the biggest fears in a relationship is that your significant other is cheating on you. It can result in a great deal of mistrust. A woman recently dealt with this fear and mistrust in an unusual way when she put a tracking device in her husband’s car after suspecting him of cheating, as listed on the “Am I the A****** (AITA)” Reddit forum.

Woman asks the AITA Reddit forum about placing a tracking device in her husband’s car

Bearded man driving a car, highlighting story of woman that put tracking device in car to catch cheating husband
Man driving car | Michael Krahn via Unsplash

If you thought that your significant other was cheating on you, what measures would you take to catch them in their possible infidelity? Mirror reported on an inquiry in the AITA Reddit forum in which an anonymous woman asked the question, “AITA for putting a tracking device on my (27f) husband’s (35m) car after suspecting that he was cheating?”

The woman first suspected her husband of cheating “when he started coming home much later than usual and would leave the house in the middle of the night.” She confronted him and didn’t get any answers. That’s when she decided to go into private detective mode and bought an Apple AirTag, which can be purchased via Find My app on an iPhone. While the common usage for an Apple AirTag is to track things down like your wallet or keys, this woman used it to track her husband.

Apple AirTag used to track whereabouts of ‘cheating’ husband

After obtaining an Apple AirTag, the woman placed it in the glovebox of her husband’s car. She then waited for her husband to sneak out of the house and track where he traveled:

“I bought an Apple AirTag to track his whereabouts. When he got home from work, late [night] I add, I placed the AirTag in the glovebox of his car. I stayed up all night anticipating him sneaking out again, and lo and behold; he did! I tracked his car and saw it go to an abandoned plot of land a whole 45-minute drive away. He stayed there for almost two hours and then came home.”

When her husband arrived back home, the woman confronted him. The man was “furious” that his wife tracked him and “invaded his privacy.” She said, “I asked him why he was going there, and he said that he was ‘handling his business’ and I should ‘mind mine’ and ‘respect his privacy.’ He packed a bag and has now been staying at his brother’s house for the last couple of nights.”

AITA Reddit forum reaction to woman using tracking device to catch ‘cheating’ husband

The Reddit commenters show a split reaction to the woman using a tracking device to catch her “cheating” husband. Many believe that both the woman and her husband are wrong for their actions. Several commenters suggest that communication would be a better way to solve their issues. 

Please note: These Reddit comments are opinions and don’t necessarily mean that either the woman or her husband are at fault:

  • “If he’s disappearing off at weird times, you should be told where he’s been. However, tracking someone is a****** [behavior] as well. You’re both as bad in this scenario.”
  • “Everybody sucks here. Him for the lying and sneaking around, you for the tracking device. When you get to the point of putting a tracking device on your spouse’s car, it’s time to either go to marriage [counseling] or a lawyer for a divorce.”
  • “He sucks for his lack of honesty. This sounds like some sort of shady deal to me. You suck for putting a tracker on him. That’s disgusting [behavior] also.”

Also, as noted by Apple, the company didn’t design AirTag for tracking other people. On the contrary, Apple states that AirTag is “designed to discourage unwanted tracking.” If an AirTag from another iPhone owner is in “your belongings, your iPhone will send you an alert to let you know it’s [traveling] with you.” If the corresponding device for the AirTags can’t be located, your iPhone will play a sound. 


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