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Double parking is a hot-button issue, especially in congested areas where parking is limited. Many of us have encountered the sight of a car double-parked over two spaces and felt a certain degree of frustration. Recently, a woman angered her neighbors by parking her car in two spaces. However, she’s allowed to do it.

Woman asks AITA Reddit forum about double parking her car in her two paid spaces

Car driving in a parking garage, highlighting a woman that angered neighbors by double parking in two spaces
Parking garage | Finn IJspeert via Unsplash

A woman who goes by the name of Baconbuddy on Reddit posted a question on the “Am I the A****** (AITA)” Reddit forum, as detailed by Mirror. She asked, “AITA for parking across my two paid parking spots?” The woman then described the dilemma, including why she thinks her double parking is justified.

Baconbuddy said that she and her husband live in an apartment complex with underground parking. The rent for their apartment includes two parking spaces. However, they only have one car.

Tight parking spots make it difficult for woman and husband to park in just one space

The woman then explains how the “parking area underneath the block is quite tight, and one of their spaces is next to a corner wall.” When another tenant parks in the next corner wall, it overlaps one of their parking spots. As a result, it can be challenging at times to open the door and get out of the car. 

Others parked over the second spot so frequently that Baconbuddy and her husband resorted to leaving notes, politely requesting that people not do it. Also, her husband began parking across the couple’s two paid spots — in the middle of their spaces. However, someone then left them a rude note telling them that they shouldn’t park like this. Baconbuddy then asks, “AITA for using both my car spaces when I only have one car?”

AITA Reddit reactions to woman using her two spaces to double park her car

The commentators on the AITA Reddit forum overwhelmingly sided with the woman and her choice to double park her car in her two paid parking spots. Most felt that since she paid for the parking spaces, it is her right to use them however she wants.

Please note: These Reddit comments are opinions and don’t necessarily mean that the woman was in the right.

  • “They’re your spots. No one has the right to shame you for limiting their access to your parking spaces.”
  • “Bring in some sand, send up some beach chairs and umbrella for all it matters — they’re your spots. Use them however you want!”
  • “You can hold a hula hoop contest on them if you want. They’re your spots. Do whatever you want with them.”

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Baconbuddy seemed to appreciate the support that the AITA Reddit commentators gave her — albeit with some colorful language. She said, “Thank you to everyone who has commented. You have made me feel less and for parking across our two assigned and paid for spots. Our neighbors might think we are s***** for using both with one car — but it’s s******* of them to park in our spot!”

This article was updated on 7/20/2022.