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Winnebago is one of the best-known recreational vehicle manufacturers. It’s also seen hefty profits thanks to the RV boom of the past couple of years. But like any other company, the RV giant must adapt to the changing times. So Winnebago recently improved and expanded its online shopping tools. Here’s a look at the upgrades and how they’ll enhance consumers’ RV-buying experience.

Contacting a local Winnebago dealer is easier

Winnebago online shopping tools
Family camping in a Winnebago Forza RV | Winnebago Industries, Inc.

Many of Winnebago’s online RV shopping tool upgrades pertain to dealerships. Like car shopping, RV shopping involves plenty of information, so the company made it easier for RV shoppers to get as much info as possible before committing to a purchase. One way Winnebago is doing that is by making it easier for shoppers to find a local dealer.

Every RV model page on the Winnebago website now has a “Dealer Selection” tool that allows shoppers to see the three closest Winnebago dealerships. On top of that, the company has made it easier to contact a nearby dealership. Prospective buyers interested in learning more about their local Winnebago dealerships can click on the dealers’ dropdown menus.

The Winnebago website then shows the exact location of the dealership and a button to click for directions. It also provides the dealership’s phone number and a click-to-call feature. In addition, the site shows shoppers the dealership’s customer reviews. And it gives a link to the dealership’s website.

Shoppers can see models, pricing, and live inventory at Winnebago dealerships

The RV industry saw brisk sales in the past couple of years, but that boom has also caused many companies to face inventory issues. One of the recent upgrades to Winnebago’s online shopping tools has made it easier for consumers to see which models are available at local dealerships. On top of that, shoppers can even look at the live RV inventory at some dealerships.

Customers interested in renting an RV instead of buying one will also see online upgrades. It’s now possible to look at rental lines and the available units.

And whether shoppers are buying or renting, the Winnebago site also displays dealer-specific pricing for the models in question.

Online enhancements also include a shopping concierge and trade-in estimator

RV shopping can be stressful, and many customers have questions before they even set foot in a dealership. That’s why Winnebago offers an online “Shopping Concierge” tool. Customers interested in using this feature will have to fill out a short form. That will allow them to schedule an appointment with a Winnebago expert. 

From there, folks can speak with a Winnebago professional by phone, text, or email. The expert can answer questions and point shoppers in the right direction.

Winnebago added or upgraded a couple of other online shopping tools, too. For example, there’s now a “Digital Retail Tools Drawer,” allowing customers to estimate the trade-in value of their old RV. It also lets them schedule an appointment for a quote on their vehicle.