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The 2022 Ford Bronco is on track to meet or beat its 2021 sales figures of over 100,000 built. With those numbers being sustained, it begs the question of whether GMC will tap into its own Bronco. The GMC Jimmy was a full-size SUV along the lines of a Bronco. Being slightly bigger than the Bronco, it still found many enthusiastic buyers. Could we see a modern version of the Jimmy?

Would the GMC Canyon be the best platform for a Jimmy?

1970 GMC Jimmy
1970 GMC Jimmy advertising | GM

If so, would GMC base it on its successful full-size pickup, or would it choose the more Bronco-like Canyon midsize truck as the starting point? The Canyon is new for 2023 and would make an excellent-looking SUV variant. It would also give GMC something not available from its virtually identical Chevy Colorado. 

It already has the full-size Yukon, as well as the smaller Acadia and Terrain. But a smaller body-on-frame Yukon-like SUV would fit right into the Bronco SUV segment. It’s a segment that the Acadia and Terrain just can’t compete in. 

Would a full-size Sierra work best for a GMC Jimmy?

Flat Out GMC
Flat Out GMC Jimmy conversion | Flat Out

And then there’s a full-size two-door SUV that would also slot perfectly into the GMC family. There is already enough interest and demand for a full-size GMC Jimmy that a company already makes them. Flat Out Autos in Arkansas is already taking GMC pickups and converting them into two-door SUVs. 

Flat Out takes a new GMC truck and leaves alone everything from the front bumpers to the B-pillars. From there, it fashions new quarter panels, adds a rear seat, and includes a removable hardtop. Of course, there is much more to it than that, but those are the main parts of the transformation. 

If it works for the Bronco, shouldn’t it work for GMC?

Flat Out GMC
Flat Out GMC Jimmy conversion | Flat Out

The downside to this is that being a conversion, there is lots of labor involved. That means it is out of reach for most fans of a new Jimmy. And it also means that the traditional hype that goes along with a new vehicle release, as well as factory warranties and such, are almost non-existent. 

Still, what Flat Out is doing mimics what GMC did with the original Jimmy from 1970. That was the same course that Ford followed in reviving the Bronco. And with Ford selling over 100,000 Broncos a year, that’s nothing GMC would sneeze at. Especially, since new tooling would be far less with the GMC truck as a starting point.  

Flat Out GMC
Flat Out GMC Jimmy conversion | Flat Out

2022 2-Door GMC Sierra Is Coming

Which would also apply to do the same with the Canyon. So GMC is already well ahead in developing its own Bronco should it decide to take that step. But will it?

We doubt it. With GM devoting so much to its electrification makeover, it probably doesn’t have enough to set aside to develop a Jimmy model. So for now, Ford has the market cornered on body-on-frame two- and four-door midsize SUVs. But if Ford can do it, we know GMC could as well, which makes its absence just a bit frustrating.