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The Volkswagen ID.7 is perhaps VW’s most alluring EV so far, with a stunning design inside and out. But at the end of the day, EV owners want performance and range over style and tech. So, will the Volkswagen ID.7 have the chops to best the Tesla Model 3? Maybe, but it’ll be a close race.

The Volkswagen ID.7 EV on display.
Volkswagen ID.7 | Volkswagen

The Tesla Model 3 remains the leader in EV performance over the VW ID.7

At first blush, it may be surprising that the Volkswagen ID.7 edges the Tesla Model 3 in base performance. But Volkswagen claims that its rear-drive EV will deliver 282 horsepower, which is just ahead of the 271 ponies in the base Model 3. That cracks the door open for an all-wheel drive Volkswagen ID.7 to outperform the long-range Tesla Model 3 as well.

Unfortunately, VW hasn’t confirmed whether or not we’re getting one in the U.S. However, the all-wheel drive Tesla churns out 449 horsepower from its all-wheel drive variant, so VW has a big target to shoot for.

Range is close, but Tesla still wins

New 2023 Tesla Model 3, cheapest Tesla car in 2023 and most affordable, says Consumer Reports, driving on road
2023 Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

Of course, range is one of the biggest concerns for EV adopters in 2023. And with the Tesla Model 3’s base range of 272 miles, the stated 300-mile range estimate for the ID.7 puts it just in front. Of course, the ID.7 has yet to see EPA testing, but European tests confirm a slightly longer run time than the standard Model 3.

That said, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range sits at 325 miles of range, putting it handily ahead of the German competitor. We’re still waiting on word regarding longer-range versions of the ID.7, though it’s likely any all-wheel drive plans will include similar upgrades.

Similar interior space in both cars

With an early look at the VW ID.7 in April, The Verge noted an 18.8 cubic-foot trunk in the new Volkswagen EV. That’s one cube less than the Tesla Model 3, but overall close enough to remain competitive in the segment.

One of the biggest irritations with the current ID.4 crossover is the lack of a front trunk. Unfortunately, Volkswagen commits a similar sin in their electric sedan, forgoing a frunk and simply plopping the EV kit up there instead. That immediately puts it behind the Tesla Model 3 for overall function. And while VW has included some under-floor storage to make up for it, the convenience of a frunk means the Tesla is a clear winner.

However, the Volkswagen’s overall shape is both longer and wider than the Model 3. This indicates that VW may have favored passenger space over cargo area in creating the ID.7.

Is the VW ID.7 better than the Tesla Model 3?

With more range and performance, the VW ID.7 offers more versatile usability than the base Tesla Model 3. However, a lack of cargo space and no front trunk means practical buyers may prefer the Model 3 over its German competitor, especially with the Long Range battery pack.

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